Hearing the name Alpaca itself makes one’s surround calm and gentle. Alpacas are one of the most peaceful and gentle animals out there. They are the definition of affection and adorableness. They look fuzzier than Llama which most people confuse them with. If you put llamas and alpacas together, look for small and short ones. Alpacas look as if they have worn a monkey cap full of wool. Alpacas, as well as Llamas, are from the camel family. That’s why they look similar.

Alpacas live in herds and calling them shy would not sound wrong. They are full of curiosity. If they take one step forward out of curiosity, then they may take two steps backward because of their shyness. Once they have fully known and accustomed to you, you will see how craving they are for pets and attention. Their humming sound is so cute. Sometimes they hum for pets, sometimes for food, and sometimes it looks like they are pouting.

If you also want to more about these adorable creature, see them, and also shower them with pets and love, there are lots of farms. These farms are like any other animal farms open for business. Most farms have their own store where they sell woven things made from alpaca wool. You will have opportunities to see Alpacas, interact with them, feed them, and sometimes play with them. Among a whole lot of Alpaca farms in Virginia, we have picked some of them based on their service, rating, and quality of the store products.

Alpaca Farms to Visit in Virginia

Smith Mountain Lake Farm Alpacas

The Smith Mountain Lake Farm Alpacas is deemed as one of the best Alpaca farms around VA, USA. The quality and design of the store products, clothes, etc are great. At a reasonable price, you can buy these treats.

According to them, the alpacas of Smith Mountain Lake Farm are of high-premium bloodlines. These alpacas are coveted by many and their wools are of top quality as well. They also have an educational facility and give tours to many. In their education tour of one and a half hour, you will be able to gather knowledge on the history, science, habitat, and every other thing related to Alpacas. 

Smith Mountain Lake Farm Alpacas has the best service available. You not only will be able to see and feed them but also be able to hold and hug them. Thinking about hugging those soft little alpacas is enough to give us an adrenaline rush.

They are open and can even give big or special tours almost every day. Moreover, there are no age or team size restrictions. Of course, one must make a reservation in advance if they are coming in big teams or families. If you want a private tour, it is also possible.

As for their store brought products, it is like none other. They even hold their own fashion show every march with their designed and produced products. The fiber from the alpacas is sent to the famous Pendleton for making products. They also have pillows made from fiber which are famous as well. 

Being a top educational facility along with having fashion-all, Smith Mountain Lake Farm is no doubt a great farm to seek at.

Source: Smith Mountain Lake Farm Alpacas

Address: 830-839 Morewood Rd, Hardy, VA 24101, USA

Double 8 Alpaca Ranch

The double 8 Alpaca Ranch offers a fun and exciting experience. They have been in business since 2005 offering Alpaca fleece and products made from it. At this farm, they mainly focus on Alpacas and Llamas, though they have other animals as well such as horses, chickens, and dogs. 

They only take appointments prior to 18 hours. If you don’t make a reservation before, you won’t be able to enter. One should check with them before heading there as there are occasions they have to close early. On this 32-acre farm, they offer their utmost during the tours.

During the tour, you will be able to know more about different types of Alpacas, their differences from llamas, their fleece, how they make products, etc. The owners are amicable and are great company during the tour. Also, bringing pets is prohibited as well as outside food for alpacas. The farm will provide healthy food.

This farm also lets you know more about their alpaca breeding. One can purchase different types of them such as herd sires, production females, stud services, and more. Double 8 Alpaca Ranch offers Agri-tourism to new alpaca or llama farmers, trains young ones, and organizes different events like birthdays, weddings, scout programs, etc.

Fibers from the fleece of Alpaca are either hand-processed or sent to mills. Their store sells roving, yarns, felted fabric products, and other products like socks, scarves, hats, and gloves.

Source: Double 8 Alpaca Ranch

Address: 13374 SR 671, Purcellville, Va 20132, The USA

Ever After Alpaca Farm, LLC

Ever After Alpaca Farm is a great stop to know about these gentle and beautiful animals. Apart from the Alpaca interaction, they offer many alpaca products. You can either buy them from their store in person or their online store on their official website. During the tour, the owner couple will educate you about the Alpacas, and more information that will make you love them even more. 

Moreover, they offer alpaca gram which is a great point when you want to do something special. If you want to surprise your close ones and organize an event, they will bring a couple of alpacas to celebrate with you if you want. Or maybe you just want to send a letter or gifts to someone, you can make it as if the alpacas are your mailman. Imagine those fluffy and cute little alpacas at your door point with a special message. Lovely, isn’t it?

Adult alpacas take time and treat to be petted while the cria loves snuggles. The farm also offers a private reservation, or even organization if you want to. The owners are friendly and the environment is also great for spending time.

Source: Ever After Alpaca Farm

Address: 6155 Georgetown Rd, Broad Run, VA 20137, The USA

Rockville Alpaca Farm

Rockville Alpaca Farm is a family-operated farm that officially began in 2011. Even though they are new to alpaca farming, they want to share what they learned about these alpacas, their habits, and more. This small farm is always open to those who are looking for inspiration to create farms. 

They are friendly and offer soft, warm, hypoallergenic fiber from alpaca fleece. Since they were relatively new to this thing, they developed new products to add to the store collection. They no longer sell these types of products rather they only sell fibers if anyone shows interest. They have 11 resident alpacas. The environment of Rockville Alpaca Farm is peaceful and relaxed. If you want to enjoy a lazy peaceful time with your family or friends, it is a great place.

Source: Rockville Alpaca Farm

Address: 11137 Rockville Rd, Rockville, VA 23146, The USA

Dreamland Alpacas LLC

Dreamland Alpacas allow you to meet their resident 40 alpacas in a friendly manner. It is a family-operated farm that mainly focuses on fiber from alpacas. These fibers then are turned into hand-made products, Whether you want raw fibers or products made from them, everything is available in their store. The beautiful thing is the label on the products. The label contains the name of the alpaca whose fiber is used on it.

Moreover, these fibers are also sent for use in stuffed animals or blankets. Dreamland Alpacas Farm is a busy one with a lot of alpacas. If you want to be surrounded by them, make them a call and spend your time there.

Source: Dreamland Alpacas

Address: 13050 Bell Ln, Meadowview, VA 24361, The USA


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