FM Deposit hold-see sm

Getting a message saying “FM Deposit hold-see sm” when you are just trying to deposit a check in your TD bank account can be pretty surprising. We know banks hold checks on transactions for many reasons. Sometimes it is because of insufficient funds, sometimes it is because of business day overlapping. Or maybe because of overdrafting as well. Usually, banks hold checks temporarily to check the funds’ availability, customer information validity, and some other paper works that do not last more than a day or two. However, in the case of some other in-depth issues, it can take even longer.

What does the hold-see sm actually mean? Does it have some particular reason to happen or not?

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Meaning of FM deposit hold-see sm

Bank holds on checks or memos during transactions for good purposes. Sometimes it takes a long time for the hold to be released and sometimes it gets released quickly. In other words, some are temporary and some are permanent.

When the hold on TD bank checks is for short-time or temporary, the customer will get a message from the bank saying their check is on FM deposit hold-see sm. So, when your check does not go through because of this, there is no need to panic. The bank will follow its protocol, and go through the transaction after checking it. 

As you should know that no bank issues a check as soon as it is requested. It takes some time as the bank check the customers’ account liability, the amount of fund they have, whether they have enough funds to issue the check, and more.

‘FM deposit hold-see sm’ means your check deposit is on hold temporarily and the bank will get to your problem as soon as possible. If your account has enough funds to transact and has no issue whatsoever, it will go through as long as the bank is on workdays.

Why did I get the “FM deposit hold-see sm” message?

If you are wondering why your check got a hold-see and get that certain message, let me clear it up. 

One of the ideal reasons is because of being stuck between weekends and weekdays. Business days vary from work to work. If you made the deposit on weekends or holidays, or when the bank is closed, your check will not be on the list till the bank opens for business. For example, Saturday and Sunday are weekends for the bank yet you deposited your check either through an ATM or the TD app on Saturday. You know that the check was submitted on Saturday but the bank will see you did it on Monday. Because they started their work that day.

The other reason has no problem with you or your submitting day. We already said ‘no bank issues a check as soon as it is requested.’ There are lots of customers who submitted their checks before or after you. The bank will check every submission, customer’s information, funds, and even the information of receiving account. Of course, that will take some time.

So don’t worry about it. However, if your deposit is urgent and needs to be issued as soon as possible, you have to contact your local branch bank. Unless you contact them about your urgent transaction, they wouldn’t know and will go with the designated flow. Also, most of the time the bank sets the dates and times for the checks to be issued beforehand. So that these deposits will be given at that time automatically. If you are a TD bank customer, you should keep these things in mind and contact the bank ASAP if it is an emergency deposit. It is the solution for getting an FM deposit hold see sm message.

How to solve the ‘FM deposit hold-see sm’ message?

To make sure this does not happen, you should check the date and see if the bank is open for business or not. As we said weekends or holidays will be a hindrance for your check deposit and the bank will follow through with it during their business days.

And apart from this, you can wait for the check to be issued. However, it should not be that much. Since all banks require a certain time to progress the check, you can wait just that period of time. If they take too much time, contact your local branch and see to it. They will inform you if there is any internal problem or when they can issue it. In short, carry it on patiently but don’t wait too much.

Frequently asked question

  1. What does hold mean in TD bank statements?

    Hold can be both temporary or permanent. It means the deposit or transaction you made won't go through as they are put on a hold. It can be due to security checking, or if your account does not have sufficient funds to transact. The message you will get related to it will have some hints as to the reason why your check is on hold.

  2. What does FM Deposit hold-see sm mean?

    FM deposit hold see sm TD bank means your check is on hold for a short amount of time. It is temporary and that's when you will get a message saying that line. ‘FM deposit hold-see sm’ means your check deposit is on hold temporarily and the bank will get to your problem as soon as possible.

  3. What does 'SM ' mean in bank messages?

    'SM' is the short form of “Special mention”. If the bank message you got has this special mention, you should see what that is. It may be something important or crucial that needs your attention.

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