Is Crucial RAM good?

While debating over RAM, there are some of the top names that always come up. Kingston, G-Skill-, corsair, Crucial, etc are the ones we always get stumbled upon while searching for a good RAM. Among them, Crucial has been living up to fame and performance. It is not the best yet has been doing great for the past few years or more. Stability, longevity, performance, everything is great with this RAM.

This top-tier brand is a branch sector of the memory chip manufacturer Micron. Micron is famous for making and developing memory chips and storage development. That’s why Crucial runs and stands well against the top RAM brands. Running gaming PCs, working on web development, or even high-end multitasking- Crucial RAM can handle them easily and still stay stable for a couple of years.

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How good is crucial ram?

Crucial RAM is considerably one of the best RAM brands standing at the top. It provides good performance, customization, and monitoring over stability. It will give the best service for your gaming PC without wrenching your pocket. The affordable price is what makes the service even better. 

The latency and speed that the DDR4 provides are more than enough for the PC to run at the top speed. The special RAM “Ballistix” by this brand offers three types of levels for gaming enthusiasts. They have levels for even the e-sport and one can run their games ceaselessly with its help. It comes with 16 RGB LEDs in 8 zones and you can customize it the way you want. The RGB module also can support the Aura sync.

All these features at a moderately cheap price are something a great RAM can provide. That’s good this Crucial RAM is. If one asks why Crucial RAM is cheap than other ones while providing almost the same service, it is because of Micron. Since Micron is their main branch and provides the memory chip itself, they don’t have to go through the hassle of contacting any middle business to work with them. While other top RAM brands have to buy chips from the manufacturer and then install them on the RAM PCBs, Crucial RAM does not have to do so. That’s how they save money and you get to have them at a lower price.

Let us just describe one of the best crucial products to see how they work and what they are serving.

Ballistix Memory Kit of Crucial

Ballistix memory kit 16 GB of Crucial surely lives up to its name. It provides a satisfactory service by being reasonably good at every aspect rather than being the greatest in one or two things. In short, it has the best versatile performance. If you are looking for efficient, stable, consistent, customization, and reliable performing RAM, don’t look any further.

If you are a gamer or a gaming enthusiast, you have stumbled upon a great catch. Let me tell you why. It offers customization for fellow gamers out there. It offers three levels for choosing an option that includes beginners, e-sport, and an option where you can play games ceaselessly without straining itself. And that is what boosts its gaming efficiency. As for RGB Aura sync, you can change whichever color you want it to be. There goes the performance.

As for its build, the quality is pretty good that has an aluminum heat spreader. This feature helps dissipate the heat that it creates while performing. The best thing a laptop gamer can hear is that all these features can fit in your laptop. Their laptop option is great and is a great deal that will increase your memory as well.

Crucial Ballistix features the XMP 2.0 profile which is the reason for its high-level overclocking ability. The reason why you could satisfy yourself with it is that this RAM leaves no room for low performance in even one single aspect. Crucial tried its best to overcome the flaw of the product and that’s why it is here. All these treats come at a reasonable price. It is a lot better than any other one that does not have the money requital.

RAM Crucial Ballistix memory Kit 16GB
Memory Type DDR4
Memory speed 3200 MHz
Size 2×8 GB
Voltage 1.35 V

Key Features 

The Crucial Ballistix 16GB memory kit is of two 8 GB sticks. It is in DDR4 format with a 3200 MHz maximum memory speed. The low voltage of this one is 1.35V and this one also offers customizable RGB aura sync.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is crucial ram good for gaming?

    A crucial ram is a great option out there, especially for gaming. These products offer great efficiency, stability, and up-to-par performances despite having reasonably low prices than many competitor products. Some of their products are specially customized for pushing out the best gaming performance.

  2. Where is crucial ram manufactured?

    The main thing about RAM is its chip. Most RAM manufacturing company gets through a medium to contract with a chip manufacturing company. Micron is one of the largest and best chip manufacturing companies that many companies work with. Crucial is a branch that is directly under Micron. It is not in doubt that Crucial is manufactured at Micron or by Micron.

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