Mbenzgram.com has been an excellent choice for vehicles, especially for car enthusiasts. It is a car parts retailer mainly in the USA and Europe as Cash for junk cars. It has been in business for quite a couple of years and has been one of the main talks among car enthusiasts and users. They sell products cheaper than other retailers which made the customers show interest. However, along with curiosity, suspicion comes. You, of course, can ask why are they selling at a lower price. Are the products second-hand or used? People even question its legitimacy. It is inevitable that people would raise concerns.

One should learn about the store’s legitimacy before spending money on the products. Especially because of this online shopping. There have been a lot of cases of scamming in the disguise of online businesses. If you ask “Is mbenzgram legit?” we would like to let you know.

MBGRAM customer review

The customer review of mbenzgram seems way too conflicting to make someone choose whether to believe this site or not. It has both good and bad reviews and the difference between them is not too much as well. Most customers are satisfied with their purchase and know it as a trustworthy medium for buying their car parts. However, the critiques are also not falling behind. That’s why more and more people are into knowing if it is legit or a scam. Even when you just type mbenzgram on the search engine, the first ever thing to come is this topic; the legitimacy topic. 

Is Mbenzgram a legitimate company?

If someone reviews thoroughly and researches this company’s performance and trustworthy, they will say that mbenzgram.com is definitely a legitimate company. The accessories and components of cars they sell have higher ratings and content for customers. Even though there are customers dissatisfied with their service and questioning them, the overall rating turns them into a legit one. There goes customer satisfaction.

If you see their website, contacts, policies, and their updates, it is not a scam. Their SSL certificate also proves their existence. Moreover, they have quite a good customer service. The three types of payment methods, refund options, and privacy policies redirect you to say this is a legit website. Of course, one can make mistakes as there is none perfect. If you ever fall into crisis due to purchasing something from mbgram, you should leave your problem in their comments and contact them real soon. 

Reviewing the customers’ critiques, most are dissatisfied because of late delivery or no delivery problems. The delivery they do consumes a lot of days. You may become annoyed if you wanted something that needs to be here in 2-3 days. Some of them have even never gotten their products. However, they do not eat up your money. If you want a refund, they are reliable in that area one hundred percent. That’s why your money won’t go in vain. 

Another suspicious thing is their address. Since I also check the company’s website, contact number, and their office’s physical address before online shopping, this seemed odd to me at first that a global marketing brand does not have its own office. I searched everywhere for their address but everything was in vain. I had to believe that they really don’t have it. It seems that they keep their products in warehouse or some other place and make their delivery somewhere from those places.

Refund Policy & Cancellation

Mbenzgram follows the 30 days refund policy. If you want to return their product and want a refund, you have to do that within 30 days of getting the product. Log in to their website, and send them an e-mail about it. They need 7-10 business days to process your refund. As for returning the product, you have to follow some of their rules which you can find on their site.

For canceling your order, you must notify them through e-mail or you can just log in and cancel it if they didn’t start delivery. Since MBGRAM returns 100% of your money, you won’t have to worry. The one thing you should do is that you e-mail them immediately after making up your mind.


MBZENGRAM is a legitimate site and has official documents that prove its worth. They have been in business for a few years and made their name as a car components and parts trader globally. Though they have a few shortcomings, they are trustworthy and will guarantee your money will not be wasted. Their products are also well-maintained and are good as new. Moreover, if you don’t receive your order, your money will be returned. Their customer service of them is also great and they respect the customers well too. If you want to know if they are real and legit, then the answer is yes. If you want to know whether you can trust their service one hundred percent, then no. It is up to you to either trust or not trust them considering the reviews.

Contact Info

Name: mbenzgram- MBGRAM

Official site: mbenzgram.com

E-mail: sales@mbenzgram.com

Telephone No: 1-530-778-4797

Open: Monday to Friday [9 AM-5 PM] ET

Social Media:

Twitter: mbenzgram

Facebook: mbenzgramstore

Instagram: mbenzgram

Pinterest: mbenzgram_motorsports



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