Hip-hop jewelry is one of the trending fashions in today’s world. Hip hop artists have got a huge fan base and their fashion fascinates people. The Gld Shop is one of the biggest platforms for buying premium hip-hop jewelry and other fashion items. 

Jewelry is expensive and people need enough trustworthy places for their purchases. The Gld Shop has maintained a very good reputation over the years and it is a very good place for you to find the best jewelry items for a better look for you. 

But when you fix your mind about purchasing from an online jewelry shop like the gld shop, the question may come to your mind if The Gld Shop is legit and trustworthy enough to put your money there. Today I am going to answer the question and give you some important information as well.

Stay with me and you will get a clear view of The Gld Shop and then you can think of buying from there without any hesitation. 

Is The Gld Shop Legit & Trustworthy

The Gld Shop claims to be the no. 1 retailer of hip-hop jewelry worldwide. It is a legit and completely reliable place for buying jewelry and fashion items.

The Gld Shop is BBB(Better Business Bureau- a private organization that provides information on businesses) accredited and has got an A+ rating which is their highest rating. That indicates the shop is reliable and also a great place for you. 

The Gld Shop has collaborated with top celebrities such as ASAP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, and Trippie Redd. World-class athletes like Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, and Paul Pogba also collaborated with them and got partnerships with Marvel and NBA as well. All the information shows us the legitimacy of the shop. Excellent ratings on various review sites also indicate that. 

About The Gld Shop

The company was founded by Christian Johnston and Dan Folger. They started the business in a basement in Pittsburgh, influenced by the urban culture of this city. Their business has grown from a basement to 12,000 square foot headquarters in Miami, United States. Their vision was to inspire people to be the best version of themselves. 

The company has become a great success and is growing quickly. Collaborating with some A-list celebrities and world-class athletes has given them worldwide recognition. And many celebrities are their customers as well. 

For your further inquiry contact details are given 

Email: support@thegldshop.com

Call: (855) 252-3775 – Monday to Friday 9 am-5 pm Est. 

You can also message them and chat with their customer care service team.

Available in The Gld Shop

The Gld Shop has a huge collection of premium jewelry items and fashion products inspired by urban culture. It gives you plenty of options and allows you to get the best piece of jewelry for your stylish and unique look. 

Chains, pendants, bracelets, watches, women’s earrings, etc. are available in the store. All of their items are pieces of art and also in a reasonable price range as well. There is a search button on the website to make your shopping easier and time-efficient.

Pure gold, white gold, yellow gold, and diamond jewelry are available in the shop. The price tag starts from 35 USD to thousands of USD. Fascinating top-notch designed jewelry is their main symbol.

The website has got plenty of options as well. In the bestseller option, you can find best-selling jewelry items. This option offers you to get attached to the best selling items in the store. The new drops option offers you what’s trending in the market and newly designed items to make you updated with trending fashion sense. 

The store also offers you custom products and collabs products. As the company has collaborated with Marvel and NBA, you can find unique and finest jewelry made of the marvel comics-related designs and NBA or basketball-related designs. Thanos infinity gauntlet chain, black panther chain, spider man pendant, and much more exciting marvel comics-related jewelry and basketball club-related jewelry.

A versatile collection of glamorous rings are available in the shop. Skull rings, Cuban band rings, iced lightning rings, layered rings, etc, and beautiful women’s rings are available. The company claims that the rings are made of 100 percent precious metals. 

Hat, energy shots, and premium watches are also available in the store. Be sure to check their huge collection.

Why you should choose The Gld Shop?

If you are fascinated by hip-hop culture and want to get top-notch hip-hop jewelry and other premium fashion items as well, The Gld shop is the best platform out there for you. The quality of the products is secured. 

The store has a very responsive customer care service and they are always eagerly waiting there for you to help you out. 

The Gld Shop allows customers to win money through the promotion of the GLD GANG and offers discounts for referring to others. The opportunity of getting discounts offers you to save some money and helps them with their advertisement as well.  

The Gld Shop offers discounts as well. There is a condition. You will get only one discount per item. 

Shipping policy

The Gld Shop delivers products in more than 200 countries. The company provides free shipments in the United States(minimum order of 30 USD) and free shipping worldwide for the minimum orders of 125 USD. 

The company usually delivers products within 5-10 days and if you want to get faster shipping or overnight shipping, you have to pay more.

Return Policy 

The Gld Shop accepts returns and offers exchanges within 14 days of the delivery date. For return or exchange contact their customer care service or email them. Make sure your order is in perfect condition or their return department will reject your return request. 

Customized jewelry is not returnable. They are guaranteed w 30-day quality guarantee. But if you get defective products or breakage due to the manufacturing defects, you will be given a one-time repair guarantee. 


If you are looking for alternative options rather than The Gld Shop, I can suggest some. Fostnyc.com, jaxxon.com, thegoldgods.com, kingice.com, zales.com, etc are the biggest competitors of The Gold Shop. 

Frostnyc.com is well renowned for selling hip-hop jewelry. The company has a good reputation for selling premium quality real gold chains, watches, necklaces, and pendants. Diamonds jewelry has a detailed description of carat & quality. 

Jaxxon.com claims that they are committed to bringing Italian luxury at an affordable price range. The company provides Cuban link chains of premium quality. 

Thegoldgods.com is one of the trending urban-inspired jewelry and accessories stores. 10-14 solid chains, Cuban link chains, and much more high-quality fashion accessories are found in the store.


Now you have got a clear view about The Gld Shop and the answer to the question, “is The Gld Shop legit?” is obvious, The Gld Shop is legit and completely trustable. Shop from there without any hesitation as nobody faced any kind of scam from the store and they provide premium quality products. 

Decent reviews from the customers and responsive customer care service should give you satisfaction about your insecurity shopping from there. So if you are thinking of purchasing from The Gld Shop, you are most welcome to do so. Be sure to read their terms of services properly before you make an order.

Let me know if you are getting anything from the store and if you have bought any, feel free to share your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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