Sweaty hands are huge hindrances while doing any work and it becomes worse when gaming. Our hands sweat more when we grip something. For PS4 control users, sweaty hands are the worst disturbance as it disrupts concentration and makes the controller full of sweat.

If you cannot reduce your hand sweating, you can only make sure the controller has a sweat-friendly grip. That is the best way now. You can either buy an additional grip to use on your old controller or just buy a new controller with grips. Whether your whole palm sweats or thumbs, there are a variety of choices to choose from.

4 Best PS4 controller grips for sweaty hands

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If your grip is too sweaty that the controller keeps slipping, the SKINOWN Anti-Skid controller grip will be a great help for you. The color and design are simple but when put on the controller, it looks as if it is a part of the controller. In short, it blends in easily and looks perfect. Moreover, it is easy to install and stays in the place well.

Even if your hand sweats, the controller will be dry thanks to this grip. It feels as if the grip is reducing sweats. It is compatible with PS4, PS4 Slim as well as PS4 Pro controllers.

Snakebyte Trigger Treadz grip is one of the most highly recommended controller grips. It comes in two types- for thumbs and for the trigger. You can buy both or either one according to your need. The grip feels great and has a nice quality. That’s why it gives a comfortable feeling while using. They are pretty good and also save the controller for tear and wear.

The product is solid and durable whatsoever but the adhesive’s longevity is not much which is the only con. Leaving it aside, Snakebyte Triggers Treadz is a pretty good deal considering its price to performance.

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy Puple grip for PS4 controller is a good choice for its reasonbility. The products are comfortable and sit just right. Your switches won’t get wet due to your sweaty hands. For FPS games, it makes the session great and comfortable. Increasing your gaming experience at this price a surely a great deal. Apart from the PS4, it is also compatible with the PS5

They increase your instinct and movement better than before. As a result, you will get a lot better results at the end of your game. It is astounding how this simple grip can immediately improve someone’s gaming. However, it does not seem impossible to see the increased accuracy and natural movement it gives. It increases a certain height of the thumbsticks which makes it easy to reach it than before.

Another KontrolFreek FPS controller grip is not only for PS4 but also for the PS5. Grip, accuracy, and comfort are what you can get from the FPS Freek Inferno at the same time. Once you use it, you will get used to the controller more which increases your accuracy. That is because it rises the thumb stick to the point where your thumb can easily reach what you used to struggle with a bit before.

That’s why it gets hard to get back to the bare controller after using it as you get used to that height this grip gives. Moreover, it is durable and lasts a while. They will bear your sweaty hands well even during a long gaming session. You will notice your increase in gaming improvements using KontrolFreek FPS Freek Inferno.

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