There is a clear difference between no location found and location not available. Location not available means your phone GPS is not working or the system has turned it off due to several complications. And no location found means the location is not shared. One is because of the inability of the phone’s GPS and the system’s problem and the other one is because of not sharing despite the ability to locate.

iPhone users face these issues while using the Find my application. If you know which problem you are facing and its causes, solving it is simply easy. 

No location found meaning

When you use the Find my app, you may face this issue of not finding the location. There are several reasons why you may come across this problem. 

Issues with the app: One of the common reasons for no location found lies in the Find my app or its system. And this may lead your GPS to find no location. สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

To make sure, the problem is with your app or not, check your apple system and locate the service status of Find me. Every stat has a circle before them that may have three colors; red, yellow, and green. Red and yellow means the service is not working out. And the green means it is operating well.

Stopped sharing location: If you are trying to find someone’s location via your find my app, you will find them only when they share their location through that app. This will also happen if you stopped sharing your location and your friend is unable to find your location. This app does not run offline. So this may happen either because that person stopped the sharing or just out of network service. 

Through the network, the app continuously updates the user’s location in it. But without network service, it is not possible. Also, when your phone battery dies or you just turned on your airplane mode, it will happen too.

Removing iCloud account from the device: iPhone users may or may not use their iCloud account and it solely depends on them. Removing your iCloud account from your iPhone may default that app setting which may lead to no location found. 

Location not available meaning

Location not available in find my app means your GPS cannot update or search for any location. This happens only due to internal problems with your phone system and its features. If your GPS is broken (it does not practically means it’s broken), it cannot search for any location or put your location in.

Sometimes, if the user puts in the wrong location while the online location differs, you may face this problem. System glitching is another problem that disables your GPS to locate thus it fails to do so. You will see that your GPS is trying to find the location but it has been unsuccessful every single time. 

What’s the difference between Location not available and No location found in Find my app?

Location not found and location not available have only simple differences that may look like they don’t actually have any. However, these two problems are different on their own. 

Location not found happens when the user has turned off sharing their location accidentally or on their own accord. Accidentally means that there is no network service or the phone is dead. These reasons are why the location is unable to get updated on finding my app.

On the other hand, location not available means the iPhone is facing some system problems which led to the GPS not working properly. Your GPS will sincerely try to locate it but will be in vain due to the glitch. 

If you don’t understand the difference, let me elaborate on things a little. Suppose you will be visiting your friend’s home. But upon reaching, you see a huge lock dangling on their door and you cannot even reach him via any other means. What will you do? Your only option is to return and wait until they become available. The location not found is the same. Due to their unavailability, you could not locate them.

However, if they are inside their house and you are standing in front of the gate, the only way to reach them is to bang their gate or call their name out loud. If your sound of banging or voice is not enough to reach their ears, how will they respond? Then the problem is your way of calling them. Maybe your voice is not that loud. This is the same as Location not available. Your voice is like the GPS. Both your and the GPS is trying but could not locate it due to your problem.

How to fix location not available and No location found in Find my app?

If you know why your find my app is facing these errors, you can solve it by following the procedure easily.

Fix location not available

Before heading to the fixing procedure of location not available, let’s review its causes shortly again. When your iPhone system glitches and does not work properly due to some internal problems, the GPS will also not work properly. Even if it tries million times, the result will be zero. That means to fix this problem, we have to start with your phone system.

Make sure your IOS is up to date. 

  • Go to your phone settings and select general
  • Navigate to software update. If it is up to date, this page will have that information

Check the apple system status page. It will help you have a clear view of whether the apple servers are working properly.

  • Go to the system status page of your iPhone and locate ‘Find my’ which will have a small circle before it. In fact, every server on this page will have one before them to determine their service. 
  • If the circle is red or yellow, the server is not operating well and if it is green, then it’s working okay.
  • If you see find my is with a red or yellow circle, then it is definite that the server of this app is malfunctioning or facing some problems. In short, your apple system is at fault.

Fix no location found

As we said before, this happens mostly due to the user’s problem. For example, they turned off their location sharing because they don’t want to. Or Their phone is out of network service or the Wi-Fi is turned off. Other reasons are turning on airplane mode or the phone running out of battery. Also if the location is not precise, others might not find your location.

If you cannot find your friend’s location, or they cannot find your location, you may want to do some things to fix it.

  • Check your internet connection and see if it is working properly. If not, turn it on.
  • Turn off airplane mode on your phone.
  • If your phone is running out of battery, just charge it enough to run and then check whether the problem did happen because of it.
  • Use online dates and times according to the country or region you are living in. Inappropriate time can lead you to find my service to confusion.
  • Then check if your/your friend’s location service is not disabled. If it is disabled, enable it by going to phone settings, then the privacy, and then selecting the location service. The button will toggle to right showing light green color.
  • Make sure your given location is precise.

After checking these things and fixing them, see if the problem is there or not. As a last thing, you may want to reboot the iPhone.

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