Nail designing and different types of ways are being constantly made or discovered that is creating a whole new door in the fashion trend world. The amount of nail design ideas and props people are creating are insanely good. There are high-class, simple, pricey, DIY, and everything. That is why people of all types are able to make themselves known, and present themselves out in the world. 

It may seem exaggerated to have an example of nail fashion. However, every little thing belonging to the fashion world is continuously being evolved to be more obtainable, easy-received, and choosable.

People are always looking for the newest designs that are perfectly done. For that, they spend hundreds of bucks at the nail salon. But there are also some budget-friendly options to make you shine with beautiful nail designs. Nail foil design is one of them. Without going to a salon, you can have your design done easily.

For this, you are going to need a few things to execute a perfect nail salon thing. Foil, nail foil glue, base nail polish. However, not all the time you are going to have your way. If you ended up with no nail foil glue, the whole process is doomed you might think. But as we said, every little thing is evolving for the good. There are lots of alternatives to nail foil glue. If you insist on knowing what to use instead of nail foil glue, this article will be a great help.

Alternatives to Nail foil Glue

Usually, after using your desired coat and drying it, one or two coats of foil glue are used. After it is dried tacky, you just dab the foil onto the nail and the foils create a beautiful design. By tacky, it means it has this sticky feeling but won’t stick to your finger when you touch it. The glue is supposed to be a medium to attach the foils. And then using a coat of base polish will suffice. Nail foil glue would, of course, work as a better medium than alternatives.

But when there is no nail foil glue, you can just create a medium by using other alternatives. However, these will not get the best result equivalent to the ones with nail foil glue.

Base Gel Nail polish

The easiest and simplest way to use nail foil without the foil glue is Base gel nail polish. It is one of the most, no maybe the most used nail polish in this world. Whether before or after a certain design, people use this. Even in this nail foil glue process, it is used for the upper coat to seal the foil. Since it is of transparent color, nothing on the design changes.

You can use it just as the nail glue is used. After having a base coat of your desired nail polish or you can keep it that way if you want to use foil on your natural nail color. Put on a coat or two of base nail polish and wait until it dries to a certain point. 

It will not be wet and not fully dry. Touching it will be sticky but nothing will come off or be messed up. This point of drying is called tacky. Now dab your foil the way you want and then apply another coat of base polish. After that, you are done. Easy and saving, right?

Sticky Base coat

The sticky base coat is quite doable when using it as a nail foil glue alternative. The using process is just like the base gel nail polish. Put on the Sticky base coating on your nail design and wait for it to become tacky enough to use foils. Then just dab the foils on it a few times and you will see them being attached to your nails.

Just make sure to use the foil at the perfect time. A moment more or less, the result will vary.

Transparent Nail protector

Nail protectors can make a tacky base for foils to the station. The Wet N Wild clear nail protector has similar success to other ones. Apply it on and wait until it becomes sticky enough that is neither wet nor dry. Use your foils and then just use the base nail polish. Applying it also will help your nail avoid chipping, turning bad, etc.

Orly Bonder

Orly bonder offers a sticky and shiny appearance along with a tacky base. Since Orly Bonder is a great base coating option, you can try it out. Moreover, it has lots of advantages and lasts a while. Use it as a base coat and wait for it to dry a little bit. Then, apply your foil when it is sticky enough. In fact, the process of all these alternatives is the same.


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