Getting a spam call every day or once in a while has become a part of our life. The rising number of these incidents gets annoying over time. Scammers trying to gain even a little personal information about you will not let go of any hint they get from you. Be it from your answering the call or even calling back the number. Most of us who don’t really know much about spam calls receive or even call back the number. In some cases, people would give their personal information on choice. That definitely shouldn’t happen, not even by mistake.

Though we have many on our side who call back them even after knowing it is spam, you should not do it. Be it curiosity or be it ignorance, after learning more about it, don’t fall into their traps. In most cases, nothing happens and it is safe but we are talking about the worst-case scenario.


Since many of us still don’t know what spam calls are and how they work, let us revise it real quick.

Spam calls are normal calls but the caller’s intention is to trick the recipient with some offers or get to know their personal information for a bigger gain. If an unknown number rings up on your phone and you receive it but they are trying to make or say things like you have selected for this or some sort of big things or prize will be given to you. They will repeatedly request you to give your personal information and maybe even the tiniest info will help them. Sometimes they request to send a little amount of money to their account and say that it will multiply and they will send them to you. There are hundreds of tricks up to their sleeves and you wouldn’t even know.

The scary thing is that the numbers may have the same area code or card code as you and seem like a normal number that we get every day. Spammers or telemarketers [known to be professionals who can talk to customers about selling things, offering donations, etc. They can get your numbers from any third party who is also a data provider. That’s why they get away from the telephone company in disguise] will dial any of the local numbers provided by the data provider and call them. They dial the numbers one after another without stopping just to get an open customer.

If they find any customer approachable, they will do their best to get anything out of the customer. 

What happens If I answer a spam call?

There is not any risk to answer a spam call if you stay reserved. Of course, there will be times when we would not be able to distinguish a spam number and we may have to answer it to avoid missing important calls. In case of answering a spam call, if you think that it is a scammer just cut it off. Or, you can talk to them but don’t give in to their request. That’s the best way to deal with them. But if you said yes to their request accidentally, don’t panic but pay attention to the conversation if your old charges of bank statements, phone bills, etc come up and disregard them immediately. Just make sure you don’t give any type of personal information.

Will they hack my phone If I answer the spam call?

They, of course, won’t be able to hack your phone by just answering it. The caller, by any means, will try to make you get them access to something they sent to your phone or tell you to install certain applications. They convince people with different types of tricks to get their hands on the receiver’s information. Unless you do these things, they can’t get into your phone or hack them.

What happens if you call back a spam number?

Though we warned that don’t call back a spam number after identifying it, you may do that. Human has a lot of curiosity. Though the spammer will stop calling you if didn’t answer it or make it go to voicemail, they will know that it was a live number and put your number in their logs after you call back. They will try to call you again and again and plot something different every time. 

There is a tiny possibility that you will be connected to the very person who called you. Most times, it will say either “The number you have dialed is unallocated” or “ The number you have dialed is disconnected.” Since the number scammers use is not registered, or the administrator didn’t give it to some users.

There will be cases where you will end up calling a complete stranger who know nothing about it. That’s why you have almost no risks in most cases. But who knows when the worst things will happen? 

If the scammer is one of the worst, they may hack your phone’s location and track your location. So that may be the dreadful thing.


Beatrice has started writing to research more to have in-depth knowledge of things she has an interest in and this journey of hers has contributed a lot to our writing team.

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