Cordless vacuums are the best if you don’t like the mess and hassle the cord gets you through. Though there are vacuums with retractable cords, cordless ones also shine when you don’t have any port to connect the cord, especially on stairs. No matter what, cleaning stairs requires quite a lot of time, strength, and efficiency. And if the stairs have carpet, then the work is more.

In fact, my house has one and it is the best. Of course, that would be because I researched a lot before buying one and met the perfect one. Though I have got no carpet on my stairs, this cordless vacuum helps me a lot moving around, going up and down. It’s not like you will buy one for your stairs and another one for cleaning around the house. We need one that can satisfy all ends. Let me put my best cordless vacuum for stairs with carpet.

Cordless vacuum for stairs with carpet

Dyson is a common and famous name among vacuum users. Its V11 Torque Drive cordless vacuum is the best product it has ever released. Its maneuverability is excellent and the lightweight design makes it even easier to move around. Their technology is made to clean even the smallest pollen, and dirt.

 The smart design helps you choose whether you want to use the boost level, medium, or Eco level and lets you see the battery percentage. Each level offers different suction power and battery durability. Your need is what makes the balance between power and longevity. If you use the boost level, cleaning the stairs’ carpet is easy-peasy. The high suction power will suck every single dust even from the deepest wool. Whether your carpet is piled with pet hair, grass, dirt, big or small debris, etc, everything will be cleaned in a jiffy. 

As for getting rid of the trash, place the canister over the trash can and click on the switch on it. One pull and all the collected dirt or dust will be poured into the trash can. Even though it is said to have more than 60 minutes of run time, it actually depends on what mode you will be using. Moreover, the smart design will let you know the remaining run time. It has 125,000 RPM which is the source of that powerful suction.

Storing is fun and pretty easy with its wall mount. Every included tool will let you deep clean and let’s see how. You can pretty much clean any surface with it. The combination tool will help clean pillars and upper corners, ceiling, etc. The crevice tool will suck every single scrap stuck in the corner of your couch, mattress, and chairs. And lastly, this tool is the main thing for cleaning your carpets on stairs. Mini motorized tool combined with the boost level is what you need.

Overall, Dyson V11 Torque Drive cordless vacuum comes with powerful suction, an advanced filtration system, and a high-capacity dustbin along with a long-lasting battery. This handheld vacuum is a convenient and highly effective option for cleaning your house and stairs too.


Vacuum for stairs with carpet Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Includes Torque drive head, combination tool, crevice tool, mini-motorized tool, stubborn dirt brush, soft dusting brush, docking station, wand storage clip, and charger
Suction Three levels of power include boost, medium, and eco.
Weight 6.68 lbs/ 3.03 kg
Capacity 3.15 Fluid Ounces

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