When it comes to ear-piercing specialization, the name of piercing pagoda aka Banter comes to the surface. Piercing with having various types of jewelry options, piercing pagoda surely lives up to its name. When it comes to piercing, hygiene, safety, and experience of the worker matters as well as the jewelry. Piercing through our skin creates an artificial hole that goes against the natural body system. When our skin flesh and cells are exposed to the outer world, the possibility of getting diseases or infections just gets higher, way too higher. 

While piercing, if the needle or the thing used for making a hole is not sterilized and is full of unseen bacteria, your piercing will go stray. It will cause infection and we don’t want to talk about the worst-case scenario. That’s why all these things matter.

Between a gun and a needle for piercing, the needle is the safest and best way. Because the sterilization and safety percentage is higher in this case. You can easily pre-sterilize it without any hassle, unlike a gun. Now, what does the piercing pagoda give their service with? 

What does piercing pagoda use?

Piercing pagoda only uses guns for their piercing service. They never use needles. As we said needles are the best because they can be cleaned before and after use, provides precision, and are less likely to cause tissue damage. On the other hand, guns pierce a hole really fast causing an impact on your earlobe tissues. They cannot sterilize the gun like a needle. It is unhygienic in many ways. However, the piercing pagoda is liked by many despite their use of guns. They have better training than most other shops. Their jewelry is also of high quality and safe to use. If the question is ‘does piercing pagoda use a gun?’ the answer is yes. They use a gun but you can rest assured and get your piercing done with them as they are trustworthy.

What is better? Piercing gun or needle?

Piercing guns usually pierce the hole promptly and since you cannot really see where you are piercing, the precision can be a problem. Unless the worker is well-trained, the hole can go anywhere near the designated point. Also, it cannot be sterilized in boiled water as it is made of plastic. If they want to sterilize it, they have to do it while keeping the plastic part in check with soap and water. Since it is done super fast leaving an impact, the tissues near the piercing are in a higher chance of being damaged. Moreover, it is somewhat painful.

Since earlobe tissues are soft and do not have hard cartilage, the impact has no problem. However, if it is used on a little bit harder skin or cartilage, that part of your body can shatter and cause problems. Apart from your earlobe, a piercing gun is not used on any other body parts. And this is what makes a piercing gun lose to the needle as the needle is usable in any body part for piercing.

As for needles, it is the best and safest way. You can sterilize it easily and since it is less pricey and has easy access, one can throw away the bad ones without any worries. When using a needle, the precision is perfect. It is a much slower procedure than a gun, that’s why there is no way of getting damaged tissues. Also, it is less painful than that a gun. Needles can be used on any piercing-able part of our body. That’s why it is better to use it for its multi-purpose as well.

A piercing gun is easy to use and takes less time than a needle. Excluding this, a needle is the best. We don’t want any problem or damage to be done to our precious bodies.

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