The human nervous system is a powerful yet sensitive one. The occipital nerve is a spinal nerve that goes to our brain. These nerves are of mixed fibers mostly having sensory fibers. That medical condition is occipital neuralgia when this nerve is damaged or inflamed. This causes pin piercing headache and throbbing as if some electricity is flowing through those nerves behind our ears, back of the head, and neck.

The diagnosis of this condition is hard as there are so many other headaches similar to this like migraine, sinusitis related, etc. Sometimes doctors cannot diagnose it easily and you might get painkillers for headaches which will cause even more pain.

Having this problem, one not only has to get medical treatment but also has to change their lifestyle. From eating to a sleeping lifestyle, changing will make sure to reduce the pain and help improve those nerve muscles. 

Many patients suffer from sleep deprivation due to the discomfort and pain they suffer while laying. From my left side of the eye to the neck has some problems and the pain is so unbearable that I can never sleep till midnight. I know how painful and frustrating this is. Thorough I still don’t know what my condition is, you suffering from ON (occipital neuralgia) should seek every solution to relieve this pain.

Having the right pillow is like a blessing for the most peaceful and comfortable sleep. Occipital neuralgia pillow helps reduce the tension on the neck muscles, relaxes nerves, and keeps your head aligned to the cervical posture. Let’s review a few yet best-found pillow for occipital neuralgia.

3 Best occipital neuralgia pillow

The contour foam pillow of Zamat is one of the best pillows for a healthy neck and spine. No matter which position you sleep in, it will support your head in the most comfortable way. It helps us to keep the natural spinal alignment even during our sleep. The foam is breathable and you won’t wake up with a pressed headache that comes from sleeping on non-breathable surfaces.

The pillow inserts are adjustable which helps to adjust the height according to your taste. After a few use, you will definitely feel the change. The pain in your neck, head, and shoulder will gradually reduce. It is soft but not that to sink your head in. The firmness is what supports our neck.

For occipital neuralgia, this is possibly the best pillow to sleep on. This will relieve the tension in your neck while relaxing the nerves.

SensorPEDIC has offered a great pillow with a curved proportion perfect for spinal alignment. Its foam is soft and the pillow cover is also soft supporting the pillow. This memory foam lasts for a long time without lowering over time. It is cool and breathable because the foam is made to dissipate body heat quickly. 

It is a supportive contour pillow no matter what position you sleep in. SensorPedic solutions bed pillow is super lightweight and helps the neck relieve pain and relax. The foam itself is cooling but the cover it comes with actually lessens the cooling effect. The price is also a great bargain. The pressure-relieving support it gives will help Occipital neuralgia patients a lot.

Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillow is reliable spinal alignment support. Our natural body curve deteriorates when we sleep on normal pillows. As a result, our neck bends to support our head. However, contour pillows are different in that already have a sunk part to support the neck without bending. That’s why these pillows help reduce neck pain that we get from improper posture and bending habits.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Neck Pillow comes in different sizes and features as well. It is made of memory foam which is why it lasts a long time without getting things after use. Be it side, or back, you will get a good sleep with this pillow.

The therapeutic support it provides will be a great support for your occipital neuralgia. Since it relieves neck pain, your headaches will also be reduced gradually. The size varies but it has become smaller than its previous models.

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