Normally, it is not possible for one to see messages from a blocked number. Because when you block someone, it means you are closing all the possible doors for the person to interact with you. Whether that person calls you or sends you texts, your phone should automatically discard those without informing you. As you already don’t care what that person says to you through any means of communication and you commanded your phone to do so, your phone won’t even store the messages. 

That means even after unblocking them, you won’t be able to see the old texts they sent while being blocked. Because your phone didn’t store them so there is no existence left of those texts. The same goes for the directed voicemails they sent when calling you.

However, this thing varies depending on the phone model and the very contact application. You may or may not see the messages from someone you blocked depending on your phone. In most cases, phones don’t store messages but rather discard them instantly. And in other cases, your phone will let the texts enter your phone and store them but won’t notify you. It means these texts will silently be received without bothering you which is the whole reason for blocking certain someone. Then you will be able to see the old texts even after unblocking the number or even sometimes without even unblocking them.

Does my phone store texts from someone I blocked?

As I said, depending on the phone and its model, you may or may not see the texts from someone you blocked. For example, you cannot see texts from blocked numbers nor can you retrieve them even after unblocking. And here I checked a total of three Samsung models and two Redmi models to see if I can see them. There is a separate option for blocked messages on the messaging app where you can see blocked messages if you want. I have yet to check more of its models as some older models don’t have this feature. So it is not definite that your Samsung phone surely has this thing.

The best way is to check with someone close to you or who stays with you. I blocked my mother’s number and tried to send a message from her phone to mine. There were no notifications even though there were written and delivered on her phone. I went to my message icon, then clicked on settings. There is an option named blocked messages where I found her text sent a few moments earlier. Also, you will find spam and blocked options on Redmi message app settings. You can also check by blocking a number of someone around you that you can unblock anytime.

Can I retrieve old messages from a blocked number?

If you have a blocked messages option where you can see the texts from someone you blocked, you can restore them to your inbox with just one click. In case you can’t see the blocked messages from your message app, don’t fret. Unless your phone discarded the texts, there is always a way to retrieve them. Of course, the procedure will vary from phone model to brand. In most phone models, you can just open the messaging app and go to its settings. You will find blocked and spam or just blocked messages. There you go.

In your phone settings, search for blocked history. If it is there, you can retrieve them. Or you can use any software that can restore blocked messages. But you cannot restore them if your phone didn’t store them in the first place. For example, iPhone users cannot retrieve or see texts from a blocked number.

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