Wigs are one of the trendiest fashion signatures for both men and women. No matter how long your hair is, where your hairline starts, or your hair type, you can easily change your look with your preferred wig. Even the manufacturers are releasing a huge variety of wigs nonstop. Moreover, some people make their own wigs, tweaking them how they want to have a new bold, or beautiful look.

Even wigs have different types. Among the front lace has taken a big leap forward than others. The lace is only on the front half of the wig which lets you decide your own hairline and do any kind of hairstyle without looking flimsy at all. Moreover, they stay secure and one can do their different activities easily with these on.

You can find different glue to use on the front line and choose whichever suits you. But it’s not like you can keep them on forever. Removing front lace wigs is also as troublesome as putting them on. Ripping the edges off is a huge no and waste of wig.

Since the glue makes the wig and our skin attached, one should be cautious in removing it. The most common substance to remove front lace glue is alcohol. Since alcohol is limited or pricey in some places or someone may have an allergy or skin irritation from it, you should keep some other ways in mind. 

If you are wondering how to remove lace front glue without alcohol, you are at the right place. We will provide you with some alternative and simple steps you can use instead of alcohol.

Removing front Lace Glue

Wigs don’t last long like our natural hair which is a given. We have to be careful with it, maintain it well, and also be gentle while cleaning/taking care of it. Using alcohol is the fastest way as it works like charm but you will need them a lot and it is not easy to get this substance all the time. Though there are instances where alcohol did not even work. Moreover, excessive use of alcohol or these types of chemical substances may damage your skin, your wigs, and your natural hair greatly. 

You can use remover but since remover also has a certain amount of alcohol and can be irritative, we should see ways to remove the lace front flue without remover too.

Whatever circumstances you are in to not use alcohol, let’s forget it. These are some of the famous and simple ways to remove lace front glue.


Conditioner is a common beauty product everyone has. Even if you don’t, it is easier to get than alcohol. Those who have used alcohol would know that when you use it, the glue comes off of your skin while you are still putting alcohol on. Conditioner is second to that. Only a minute or two is enough for the conditioner to remove the front lace glue.

Put the conditioner on the glue line of the lace front. Just use it on the line how you put on the glue before. Let it sit for 1-3 minutes. You will see the conditioner get to sit and the lace edges are somewhat getting loose. A simple pull will make the wig come off easily. 

This way is the best alternative you can use because it is fast, good for your hair, and easy to get.


The best thing about oil is you can use any type of oil that is like a moisturizer, making your skin soft and smooth. For example, olive oil, coconut oil or cocoa butter, etc. Use a paper towel or soft thin towel and pour a good amount of oil into it. Gently put it on the lace line where you put the glue on as if you are massaging. Don’t hesitate to use a lot of oil as it will require a lot. Wait about 5-7 minutes. You will see the edges come off. 

If the glue is still on, use the oil again as you did before and it will come off.

In this case, vaseline also works. Put some vaseline on the glue line and wait for a few minutes to let it sit. The glue will come off and then you can wipe the excess with a warm wet towel.

Lukewarm water

Lukewarm water with either soda or salt will do you wonder. Make a mixture with either two of them. Soak a soft towel in the mixture and press it against the lace line. Or you can use a spray bottle to spray it on the glue line. After about 10-15 minutes which can be more or less, you will see how easily the edges come off. 

The downside of this way is that it takes more time than the others and using baking soda all the time or excessively can damage the scalp if you have sensitive skin. However, using it once or twice does not have any danger. We are saying about the amount of excessive use of it since some people cannot stay a moment without a wig and use it continuously.


Be it alcohol or remover, apart from these two you can easily remove the lace front glue using conditioner, oil, or soda with lukewarm water. After taking off the wig, there will still be some glue left on the edges of the wig. You can use a brush and any substances you used to scrap it off. Make sure to keep your natural hair in check and take care of both the wig and your own hair.


Beatrice has started writing to research more to have in-depth knowledge of things she has an interest in and this journey of hers has contributed a lot to our writing team.

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