Piercing has become a common trend and is loved by all. The common piercings people from all around the world are nose and ear piercings. However, the variety of piercings is making its way that includes different of our body parts. 

From the belly button to the lip, nothing is spared but its beauty is unique and pretty. Since it does not matter gender, people are more into it enhancing their beauty, boldness, and confidence.

However, the downside of getting a piercing comes along with what type it is. Migration, rejection, scar tissue, etc are something one would not want alongside a piercing. If a piercing fails, it may or may not leave a scar and that depends on different cases. If you are wondering about Ashley piercing scar, this article may help you.

Ashley Piercing

There is a common discussion that a piercing is named after the name of the first person who gets it if it is not named after that certain body part. Many people say Ashley is the name of that person who got this piercing the first, though there is no proof whatsoever. If you get rid of the name, it is called inverse vertical labret.

This piercing is on the center of the bottom lip and goes through the outer side of the center to the back side of the lip inside of your mouth. The bottom lip is thicker and has lots of tissue that a piercing has to go through. That’s why it takes longer to heal.

Does Ashley piercing leave a scar?

Going through the center of the bottom lip requires passing through a huge area and lots of tissue. Lips, tongue, etc are thicker than other piercing areas which are why the piercing on these parts takes longer to heal and has a possibility of leaving a scar.

The procedure for Ashley piercing is also painful and takes time. Unless one has a rejection or migration problem, a scar is not possible if you follow the guidelines the professional gives. Utmost care is a must until the piercing heals. However, that does not mean you can do whatever after the healing is completely done though.

Since the lips are the most noticeable area of our face, a scar on it is not something one wouldn’t care about. If you bite your lip or move your labret or stud, it may irritate the tissue and leave a scar. It is better to keep cautious while eating and talking in case the stud gets stuck in your teeth. Until the tissue around the fistula starts to form and heals, you should stay cautious.

Apart from these things, Ashley piercing will leave a scar if you don’t want it anymore and put off the stud. Since the hole is small, it will eventually close in many cases. Even if it does not close, the hole won’t be too noticeable unless you bite on it unnecessarily.

How to hide Ashley Piercing scar?

Even if your Ashley piercing leaves a scar, you can hide it by wearing lipstick. But that is not the permanent solution. One can use emu oil for scarring. Emu oil is famous for reducing inflammation, and minor aches and helps wounds heal rather quickly. It is said to be helping with piercing scars too.

If emu oil is not available, you can use tree-tea oil, vitamin E, cocoa butter, etc, though the usage process is different for every product.

Everything about Ashley piercing

Ashley piercing is on the center of our bottom lip that exits through the back side of it. The name of this piercing is normally inverse vertical labret. 

Healing time

The average healing time of an Ashley piercing is 2 to 3 months or more. It even may take 3 to 4 months as well. The healing time may take longer or lesser considering your body adjusting to it and other factors you may face. Though the swelling goes away after a few days, it will take a long time to heal. 

Because the hole went through a huge area of tissue, they take a long time to heal. Moreover, our body needs time to get used to it and accept the hole as its own. When it does not accept, rejection occurs.


For inverse lip piercing jewelry, a straight bar is used. They are labret or barbell. They stay secure allowing the piercing to heal. Until it heals, you should go with the safe route since you can easily change it once it heals.

Pain level

The pain level is slightly higher than normal piercing. Of course, piercing hurts but Ashley piercing hurts a little bit more because of the thickness of your lip. On a pain scale of 10, the pain level of Ashley piercing is between 4 and 5. However, it also depends on your pain tolerance. 


The things you need to consider after getting Ashley piercing are pretty common and these are to follow only during your healing period. Though it is hard to happen, the stud may get stuck in your teeth while talking and can damage the tissue, you should consider that during the healing time. Avoid eating spicy food or foods that irritate the swelling. Moreover, eat slowly and be cautious while putting a glass on your lips while drinking, and eating with forks and spoons. They may bump onto the labret which is not good for the piercing. If you suspect migration or rejection, contact your stylist immediately.


Being a healthcare instructor, Elthea's experience and prevision have made an important role that she shared with us and you as well.

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