Upon unblocking a number, you may wonder whether you will be receiving old texts or not. However, the answer to this is negative. You won’t be receiving the previous texts from the number you have blocked. That does not mean, you will not receive texts even after unblocking. Everything will be like anew as if it has been reset.

Blocking and unblocking depend on the number’s owner. It’s their opinion whether they want to be contacted or not. Giving personal space is a norm when the other person does not want to communicate with you. If it is someone close or you care about, give them time and they will eventually know what to do. But if you send texts, and call them, they won’t see them even after unblocking you.

Why can’t I receive old texts after unblocking a number?

When you block a number, it means you are blocking every path of communication with that number. That person won’t be able to connect with your number as long as it is blocked. It will prevent the messages from entering your phone.

Suppose, you built a fence around your house to prevent someone from entering. They will try to call your name, knock on the door, try to send packages, or even more just to hear your answer. Even if they leave behind letters or packages, it will only be outside the fence they could not overcome, right? No matter what method they use, it cannot come over the strong fence you have built.

Blocking is theoretically the same. The blocked number can call you, send messages, etc but they won’t be able to connect your number. Because your telephone company already has cut the connection or path. The messages will be sent but that does not mean they will eventually reach the Examlabs destination. 

Some people think that these messages actually reach our number but do not show up as you don’t want any type of communication through that number. This means they are stored in your phone and if you want to see them by unblocking the number, it is possible. But that is totally not the case here. As we have said, these messages won’t even reach your phone let alone be stored.

Even if you try different methods or software to retrieve them, it will be in vain. The texts will have to be there in the first place to be retrieved.

Can someone tell if I block their number?

If you are bothered whether the other person knows you have blocked their number, there is nothing else to do. They won’t immediately know that you have blocked them. It will need a few trials of phone calls for them to realize that they are blocked by you.

Unless they are a timid person and are not quick to realize the situation, they won’t know until someone actually tells them. Of course, it’s not their fault to realize as the system is like this. How? Let us elaborate.

When the person sends you a text, they will see that the message is delivered. And it will reach your phone. But as you have blocked the number, your phone will automatically discard the messages without showing you. Through messages, they won’t suspect being blocked. The best way to determine is by calling. 

When they will call you, they will hear one or one and a half rings before directing you to voice mail. When we call a number, it will ring a couple of times before they pick up or automatically cut off for not answering. However, when a blocked number tries to call, they won’t hear more than 2 rings. Maybe they will leave a voicemail but it won’t reach you just like those text messages.

Will someone get a notification they are unblocked?

Of course not. Did they get a notification when you blocked them? No, right? Then it is clear that they won’t receive a notification that ‘that person finally unblocked you, now call them.’ 

Think of it like a tap. When you screw on the tap, water will flow down and fill up the bucket and after turning it off, water won’t fall. When you turn it on, water won’t flow more or less rather just the amount. It is just like some regular and normal thing. Unblocking someone does not mean they are something different than other contacts of your number. It’s just they were not on connection and now they will be.

They will be able to call you, send you messages, and do other things that you can do. Now when they send you texts, your device will receive them and store them where other messages also come. The only difference between blocked and unblocked is that you just opened the door that you had locked tight before.

What happens to texts when you unblock a number?

When you block a number, your phone automatically discards any sort of contact or message from that number. Even if they send hundreds of messages, you won’t see the least. If you want to see the old messages they sent after unblocking them, it is not possible objectively. In fact, those messages were not able to enter your phone. If they were stored on your phone even for a moment, retrieval would have been possible. That way you will be able to see messages from someone you blocked.

That does not mean, you won’t receive any messages from them. After unblocking the number, it will be as if nothing even happened. You will receive the texts they send and the calls as well.


When a blocked person sends you text messages, they will see that it has been sent. However, your phone won’t receive them as you have commanded the number to not be seen. That also means you won’t be able to see the messages they sent even after they are unblocked.

This article is to help you know more about blocking and unblocking. If there were any part at fault, let us know through a comment or you can contact us.


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