Most Android phones come with a pre-installed MCM client app. It is a software application that grants access to the authorized user while declining any kind of outsider’s request for access. Many people do not know what is MCM Client app, what is its benefits, and want to uninstall it from their phones. It is reasonable because no one would want to keep any app that does not come in handy rather eats up storage.

Let’s get to know more about MCM, Mobile content management client app, what are its benefits, how it works, and how to remove it.

What is MCM Client App?

Mobile content management, the abbreviation of MCM, is a software application that provides secure access to the user’s data, and personal information, and also manages his digital content. It is pre-installed in most Android phones by MDM (Mobile device management) to ensure the user gets access to his data and important files safely.

In this era, hacking and disclosing people’s personal or important data have become a norm crime. They especially hack personal devices like phones, laptops, PC, or tablets. Wouldn’t it be great that except you, the legitimate owner of the phone’s data, no one will be given access to your information? Of course, any normal person would not want to hack someone else’s phone which is pretty hard. 

Hackers will find any way to hack into your phone system. However, the MCM client app ensures nothing goes into someone’s hands if they cannot match the criteria. MCM creates a system where your characteristics like password, fingerprint, or other features have to match for access to your data or applications.

Except for the authorized user, MCM will discard any kind of access that person wants. There are some features an MCM client app provides. 


An MCM client app takes necessary measures to ensure that no important and secure data are accessible to anyone except the authorized user. And those measures are taken by controlling permissions, encryption, configuration, and password protection. MCM helps keep any spyware or malware away so that no data are lost in any way. Moreover, data encryption helps confuse hackers when they try to access it forcefully.

Different access

MCM provides this option for data synchronization which means if the user wants to share some data, they can give access to any device. It mostly happens in business, office, or an organization. For example, there is a team who has to work on some management and has lots of data that everyone needs to know. The employees can get access to company MCM from any device. It means they get to have the same access with a different device. Even a user can use one MCM from two or more devices, can access it, and even edit or change it.

Combination tools

As we said before, people can get access to the same MCM from different devices. People can use it for their teamwork, and assignments, and work together by tracking, commenting, and that too in real-time.

Overall, it is an app that can ensure data encryption and safety along with other great features as stated before.

Is the MCM client app safe?

We all know how risky it is to give access to our personal information and data. When we install a new app and it wants different access, most of us hesitate and give in when we make sure it is safe. MCM client app is also a software application that has full access to every single piece of data on our phones or devices. However, we don’t know if it is a fortune or a woe. Maybe it is spyware in disguise for a good app. It may happen, right? That’s why many of us want to know if the MCM client app is safe or not. 

Even though the MCM client app has access to our data, it is fully safe. It is unnecessary to think that these types of applications are all fraud, right? We also need something that will ensure our data safety, help us fight hacking, and do other things. MCM client app is one of them.

Third-party apps or ways to download content or files increases the probability of malware access to the device. However, MCM allows users to directly download the data, content, or files without including any third-party applications. Your device has a firewall that not any apps can pass through. If an app tries to pass through it, it will be risky for your phone and will be seen as a danger or malware. However, the MCM client app does its work without passing through or even trying to pass through the firewalls. It uses a cloud dashboard which is known for tracking and safety.

There are many other advantages of the MCM client apps apart from the security and safety of the data, and contents.

  • Employees can make as many international calls as they want
  • Unlimited cloud storage opportunity for a company or organization employees
  • Access to TV and live stream
  • Sprint subscription gives access to unlimited sms service
  • File synchronization from any device
  • It depends on internet connectivity
  • Can run in the background without permission consumes storage and battery unnecessarily
  • Incompatibility with many devices
  • Many other applications depend on it

Is the MCM client app necessary?

If you are concerned about the safety of your device data and personal information, the MCM client app is a great resource. Though depending on it too much to store your data can sometimes be risky, the necessity comes from your needs. If you are in a company or team where everyone needs to be connected through this app, it is necessary for you. Deleting the app may cost you many important data your workplace might need. We know that a little breach of safety may cost you a lot. To make sure your MCM is safe, you can:

  • Use unique and strong passwords on your MCM app. Make sure it is hard and only you can memorize it. If there is an option for two-factor authentication, turn it on. In that case, without you knowing, no one can access your app.
  • Not only does the app but make sure your device is secured with fingerprints or strong passwords.
  • Make sure to check well before downloading something through it. Though MCM downloads content without any third-party medium, it is better to be cautious.

Let yourself control your content through the app, not the app to handle them on its own. After weighing both advantages and disadvantages, if you think it is unnecessary, you can uninstall it. Though it is not recommended especially for your Android phone, it is up to your decision. And if not, keep it in your device and be cautious.

How to remove the MCM client app?

The process to uninstall the MCM client app is easy. To uninstall the MCM client app on Android:

  • Go to your phone settings and navigate to the security
  • Click on it and then select ‘Device Administrator’
  • Click on the MCM app which will open a new page
  • There will be a disable option. Click on it.
  • After disabling it, go to the applications on settings and navigate to the ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus
  • Click on Uninstall

This will help you remove the MCM Client app from your phone.

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