Gorilla glue is a strong adhesive made with polyurethane solution. Its strength and flexibility made it a better glue for almost any surface. It is an expanding glue which means it expands twice or thrice depending on the surface. It happens during drying and sometimes makes air foam when expanding.

This glue takes barely that much time to dry and work. Less than an hour is perfect to show how fast it dries. However, two hours is the best for it to dry perfectly. And then curing it for 24 hours will make sure the bond is done perfectly.

About Gorilla Glue

What surface Gorilla glue is used best?

The versatility of Gorilla glue makes it work on almost every surface. The original Gorilla glue works on wood, ceramic, wall, stone, metal, glass, certain plastics, and other surfaces that are porous yet even. Because this glue expands while working on the surface. When expanding it enters those pores of the surface making the bond even stronger than non-porous surfaces.

And Gorilla glue expands when it comes into contact with water. This is why they said to dampen the opposite surface of the one you are using glue and clamp them together. 

How to use Gorilla Glue?

Since gorilla glue is a strong and expanding adhesive, you have to be cautious while using it. And make sure it does not get on your clothes or body. It leaves stains on your cloth and skin making them lose their previous look. 

Cut the top of your Gorilla glue tube with a scissor, There is a cap to keep it close after usage. Of course, you would be clasping two parts together. Dampen one part with a damp cloth and put gorilla glue meticulously on the other part. Then stick them together and put pressure on both sides by clasping them with a tool or putting something heavy on them. Minutes of 40-60 is enough for them to dry and expand to a good level. Even after 30 minutes, you can handle the thing slightly and it won’t come off. However, two hours of waiting will let you handle it anyway.

After putting the parts together, make sure to wipe off the excess before it starts drying. Otherwise, you will need a scraper or related tool to wipe it off.

There is one bad thing about gorilla tube glue. Its cap is not tighter and the glue goes bad or hardens due to air going in through the flimsy cap.

How long does it take for gorilla superglue to dry?

As we said, Gorilla Glue does not take that long compared to other strong constructal adhesives. Yes, curing takes a long time. However, that is for any other glues as well. The drying process is an important one. Because there are some projects where we have to continuously attach things one after another without the parts coming off that we attached before. If the glue dries a little faster enough to move and work on then, it is a win-win situation. 

That’s why Gorilla glue is a versatile adhesive. When you attach the object, clamp them together to stay for at least 2 hours. Let the glue expand and dry which will make the bond strong and last long. You have to make sure that one part is dampened and another part is with the glue. Otherwise, the glue won’t activate and create a strong bond. The main element of gorilla glue, the Polyurethane formula gets activated when it comes across water. And this is the thing that makes the glue expand.

It takes at least two hours for gorilla glue to dry. And then cure it for 24 hours like that and the next day you are done with it. Curing means your glue bond will harden and it won’t be easy to break it off.

So let us summarize the usage of gorilla glue:

  • Open the tube
  • Dampen one surface so that the glue activates
  • Put the glue on the other surface and stick those two together
  • Use a tool or other ways to clamp them tight and leave it for 2 hours
  • Leave it for another 24 hours for curing

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