Your number cannot be completed as dialed means that dialed number cannot go through the network due to some problem. It may happen due to an incorrect number, because of being blocked, having no subscription, etc. There will be elaborated points below describing the reasons and their solution.

While calling a number, there are numerous cases of it to be failed. And you will hear different messages depending on their reasons. For example, you may hear the number is not in service because they changed their telephone service or maybe you cannot reach someone due to their unallocated number

Sometimes the wrong number leads to various confusion. In case you don’t understand why your number cannot be completed as dialed, you don’t have to worry more. In most cases, it happens due to misplaced or wrong digits when dialing a number. You may attempt to call a number but you mistakenly placed 11 digits in place of 10. Except for this main reason, there are other problems why your number cannot be completed as dialed.

What does your number cannot be completed as dialed mean?

It is exhausting calling a number continuously just to hear “your number cannot be completed as dialed.” And it is more frustrating if it is something emergency. One would definitely want to solve the cause behind this problem. However, to solve this problem, we must uncover the reasons behind it. Only if there was just one cause, we would have gone straight to it. But among the several ones, we have to describe them one by one.


Incorrect number: We have already stated that most failed calls, in this case, happen due to the wrong dialed number. An error will lead to an uncompleted dialed number. It happens when you put incorrect digits, area codes, or put digits contrarily. One would definitely not make a call go through if they just create a new number system. For example, in your country, a legitimate phone number requires 11 digits but you accidentally dialed 12 digits. Now, will your call go through? Of course not.

Blocked number: If you call someone from a number that they blocked, the call will not go through. We know blocked means that a person doesn’t want to receive any type of message or call from your number. That’s why your number will be declined by their service even before it can reach their phone. And then you will see that the dialed number is not completed.

Non-subscripted number: If the number you have dialed does not belong to anyone, it will go through. A phone number has to be registered or subscripted by a user to have a validation. The administration keeps these numbers remain unallocated until a user shows up and purchases it through a subscription.

No Phone Service: If the receiver is in an area that doesn’t have any phone service from that telephone company, the call will not be completed. Or maybe the service in the area is currently off due to some reason which is why the call is not going through. Even when your area loses phone service, it will happen. Whatever the reason is, the unavailability of phone service leads to this problem as well.

How do solve your number cannot be completed as dialed?

Now that we have uncovered all the reasons behind this message, let’s get into their solution.

Confirm the number: Before calling a number, one should recheck their dialed number to see if they misplaced or put any wrong digits. After hearing the message, you should double-check the number whether it matches or not. Maybe you can even check with the source where you got the number in the first place.

Check for blocking: If the other person blocked your number, this may appear as a problem. To confirm that you are blocked rather than any other reason, call that number from another number that they don’t have or get a call from. If the call goes through, then the problem is solved. It means you are definitely blocked.

Check phone service in your area: In case your area is going through a phone service outage, check your speculation. You may call the phone company you are subscripted to and check with them. Or maybe through other media, you will be able to know it.

Seek professional help: If you still cannot get to the solution after attempting the ones we have said before, you may want professional assistance. Your telephone company may find the actual cause and even solve it for you.

These are the possible solution if your number cannot be completed as dialed. If you cannot solve it by yourself, the professional will definitely be of help to you. 

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