To have a taste of different designs and have nothing to damage the objects, washi tape is a great stationery product. Since it does not have the adhesive that normal sticky tape has, you can peel it off whenever you want. It does not even damage papers which makes it easier for making journals, notebooks, or scrapbooks.

However, you may sometimes want to make your design of washi tape stay longer as well as stronger. Since this tape can come off easily over time, it is hard. Washi tape is meant to have weak adhesive. Though the adhesive is not like that, it is one sort of pressure-sensitive adhesive. Even though you are not meant to have washi tape be permanent, you can try a few things to make it stay on for a longer time. In other words, you can say those ways are to make washi tape permanent.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is a Japanese masking tape that comes in numerous designs and colors. This multipurpose tape can be used for scrapbooks, journals, decorating different objects, etc. You can put it on easily and also peel it off without doing any damage. That way it comes off easily is what made it unique. For whatever reason you use it, you can peel it off at any moment if the design is not to your liking or if you don’t want it anymore. One may mistake it for a paper as well. In fact, the term washi indicates the word Japanese paper. You don’t even need scissors to cut them. Just tear it as if it’s paper.

For more tidiness, fold the tape to the point where you want to tear it off and use your thumb and index finger to size it up from one side to another. Then just tear it and it won’t leave any nasty sides.

Make Washi tape permanent

Though the purpose of washi tape is to use it due to its weak adhesiveness on things for different reasons, there are times we would want the beautiful tapes to remain the way we put them on. The stickiness of Washi tape is really low but the intensity of this low adhesive sometimes depends on a few simple things like temperature, pressure, surface, etc. To make washi tape stay permanently, you can try out a few things.

Using Adhesive

The most common solution people come up with is to stick other types of strong adhesives to washi tape. That way it won’t budge anymore. You should use this on the tape as a thin layer if you don’t mean to peel it off any soon and worry about the damage it may occur to the objects. For example, mod podge is a great one as it dries clear giving a see-through glue. Even though it looks white, after drying it becomes clear as water. That way even if you use it on your tape, there won’t be any change in your initial design.


Even though Washi tape is waterproof as well as heatproof, it can reduce the efficiency of the adhesive. Too high or too low temperature can hinder the washi tape staying time. That’s why make sure to store the tapes in place at normal temperature. Otherwise, the tapes will have even weak adhesives than normal before you get to use them.


As we said, washi tape’s adhesive is pressure sensitive, it stays longer the more pressure you put on it while sticking it somewhere. Those adhesives will seep into the molecular gaps of the object making the tape stay permanent. The simplest and easiest way is to put pressure on the tape while sticking it.

Make sure the surface you are using is cleaned and has no dust or grease since it can hinder the tape’s adhesive.

Double-sided Tape

It is just like adding other adhesives to the tape. Stick the double-sided tape on the place you want. After that, place the washi tape on it and stick it the way you want. The double-sided tape will be a medium between the product and washi tape making it permanent. They will stay for a long time and if you want to take them off after some time, it is better to not use them. Because it may tear or damage the surface.


Washi tape has been a great means of creativity among all types of people. Be it, kids or adults, everyone has the means to use them. Since new designs are getting released almost every day, it is recreational for many of us. Although it does not stay longer than normal tapes, one can use it anywhere to their heart’s content. But sometimes the design and shape of the Washi tape are so beautiful that people want it to stay longer or even permanently. It does not stay permanently on its own but you can make it that way by using simple means.


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