The delicious and juicy fruit Strawberry is what awaits us every summer. Though these little fruits are called false fruits or accessory fruits because of their botanical circumstances, we hardly care about them. When it comes to fruits, who does not like them to be freshly picked and be at their best state? Fresh and icy strawberry punch is what I need in the middle of the summer.

Minnesota is a famous place for harvesting berries especially strawberries, apples, and other types of fruits. The farms you see will serve you a variety of fruits and vegetables depending on which time of the year you are visiting them. Just opening up the map to search best strawberry picking places near me will lead you to a lot of farms. But which one of them is filled with delicious sweet and sour strawberries?

Best time for picking strawberries

Filled with fiber and antioxidants and packed with vitamins, strawberries are one of the bests for our bodies. Since strawberries are best planted at the last stage of spring, the flower blooms in the middle of May. You can start harvesting these little delishes from mid-June to the first weeks of July. They say June is the prime time for picking strawberries. You can contact the farms near you at that time and get started for picking up the best of them.

Though there are places where strawberries are harvested during winter from November to January. Those places are mostly tropical or temperate countries where winter is mild and you can see no snow all over the winter.

Most of the farm written here only accept cash or check only. You may get in a troubling situation if you went there with only your card. To avoid such a situation, you can know what the farm you will be going, accepts through their site or by manually contacting them.

Otter Berry Farm

The Otter Berry Farm, a fourth Gen farm located at 470th Ave, New York Mills, MN is over eight-acre of fun fall. You can see the mage garden from the pictures and how beautiful that is. The convenient location of the Farm and its services are a perfect combo for you and your family. They provide the containers for picking so you won’t have to drag along your own ones. The best and most playful services are what you will get during summer. 

You will get a picnic area, playground, an open straw mulched field for picking them up, and even wagon rides. While you pick up strawberries, your children can spend their jolly time at the kids’ playground. The customer service is great and the staffs are friendly. The best of all things is the deliciousness of the berries. Those red strawberries filled with juicy flesh are the top of everything.

Strawberry Picking: Mid-June

Raspberries Picking: Late August

Pumpkins, squash, Corn-maze: Weekends in September and October

For even detailed information, you can visit their official website and can also contact them through their e-mail or phone number.

Source: otterberryfarm

Berry Hill farm

Berry Hill Farm, open since 1991 has been farming strawberries, raspberries, Rhubarb, and pumpkins in their 100-acres field. It is located at 185th Ave, New York a few minutes away from twin cities. If you see their location on the world map, you will get a vague idea of how beautiful and calming the place is. Although all the farms on this list have beautiful scenery and location. 

You don’t have to bring your own containers as they have cardboard flats that price will be included as well. However, it is up to you whether you bring them or not. Though their berries are not organic, their taste remains superior. You and your family or even children can spend a great time here as the staff and their service are great too.

Strawberry Picking: Mid-June to the beginning of July

Raspberry Picking: Early July to Mid-July

Rhubarb Picking: Mid-May

Apart from picking up yourselves, you can even buy ore-picked ones. Also, their official site will help you know about the conditions and even the approximate prices of the fruits.

Source: berryhillfarm

Rod’s Berry Farm

Rod’s Berry Farm is a big family farm of 80 acres purchased by Rodney’s parents who made this a berry farming field with the help of his siblings. He dreamed of this farm in the late 1970s and has been successful thus far. With his big family, Rod’s Berry Farm has established great fame for itself. They were even awarded the Minnesota River Friendly Farmer Award. They try to use the minimum pesticides while growing the crops and that is the best thing of them.

Their service and how they work is the best thing I have ever heard. You will be guided thoroughly and let you know what to expect. You can bring your own containers or even use theirs. If you bring your own, they will weigh the container beforehand so that it can be minimized while weighing the berries. It resolves unnecessary weight that will be added to the berries. The plump and fresh strawberry picking will be open for only two to three weeks.

Strawberry Picking: Mid-June

Source: rodsberryfarm

The strawberry basket

This farm is located at Aetna Ave NE, Monticello thats’ journey started in 1999 by the Munsterteiger couple. They have been in business since 2000 and have successfully offered us berries and then honey, beeswax, and now even garlic. Their new adventures have always been a great energy and success. Though they started with strawberry, now the variety of their service has been improved and we know they may improve even more.

The strawberry of “The strawberry Basket” are so juicy and plump that one bite will let you decide that you are at the right place. The picking season is short and that will be 10 to 21 days at most. Their staff will be there throughout your journey and help you. They also said repeatedly to not bring your pets. For further information on this topic, you can contact them or know by yourself through their official website.

For the picking date, they always update the date prior to 2-3 days on their website. 

Source: strawberrybasket

Lorence’s Berry Farm

Lorence’s Berry Farm is a 5th Gen family farm located at Foliage Ave Northfield MN. For the detailed location, you can easily find the directions at their site. The farm is well-maintained, cleaned, and has good management. The staffs are friendly and you will be guided thoroughly. This Berry Farm is known for its strawberries, raspberries, and asparagus. They will provide the containers so you won’t have to bring in your own.

For strawberries, you can pick them up easily, though they request you to call before you visit. The pre-picked one will be available as well during the season. This farm also doesn’t allow pets in the field for safety reasons. Apart from strawberries, get to know their other harvesting.

Strawberry Picking: Mid-June to July

Source: lorencesberryfarm

Miracle Strawberry Farm

Miracle Strawberry Farm by Barry and Marybeth Mosier is located at 205th Ave Dodge Center, MN. Their journey on this farm started in 2014. There is a great behind the scene story of the family surviving a plane crash which they called a miracle and named the farm. You can know the story from their site as how they wanted to give the best of their second chance given by GOD. They mainly produce Asparagus and Strawberries. The 207 acres of strawberry field will be available during July for picking. Also, you can buy the pre-picked ones from them. The strawberries are big and sweet and are one of the most delicious ones.

They do not spray any herbicides and focus on naturally grown strawberries. You can notice the redness of the strawberries from the picture alone. The staffs are friendly and their owner also helps a lot. For paying, they accept cash, check, credit card, and also apple pay.

Strawberry Picking: July

Source: miraclestrawberryfarm

Wyatt’s Strawberries

Wyatt’s Strawberries is located at 180th St E, Hastings, MN, and is known for its family-friendly environment. Their picking method is organized and great picking method. The quality of the berries is top-notch and they are delicious as well. Though they also grew Asparagus along with strawberries, they stopped it. Moreover, their plentiful berries make it easier for you since you don’t have to worry about being sold out.

You can bring your own containers and have fun picking the juicy strawberries. The Wyatt’s strawberries has built its reputation over the years. The location and environment are more than great for you to bring your family and spend a great time. Also, the staffs are friendly enough to be comfortable being around.

Strawberry Picking: Mid-June to Early July
Source: wyattsstrawberries

Spectrum Farm Strawberries

Spectrum Farm is a sustainable farm that focuses on livestock, growing strawberries in a natural way. They have been in business for over twenty years and have been certified as an organic farm in 2013. This farm is located at Co Rd 4, Carlton, MN. Apart from strawberries, they provide eggs, beef, pork, and maple honey syrup as well. 

For their strawberry patch, they are open from mid-June. The staffs are helpful and friendly. Moreover, the strawberries are worth the effort. They are delicious and juicy red. Spectrum Farm updates for every picking season on their official page and the details are also there along with the prices. They only receive cash or check, so make sure you prepare yourself if you want to pick strawberries from their farm. They also allow you to go anywhere in the field and pick strawberries. You will have great fun whether you go there as a group or alone.

Strawberry Picking: Mid-June to End of July
Source: sprectrumfarmstrawberries

Wold Strawberries 

The Wold strawberries has a beautiful and old history of 166 years. Though it has been a family farm for more than 166 years, it started growing strawberries in 1973. Since then, they have been a successful and reliable farm in the neighborhood as well as the neighboring towns too. They are known for their berries. Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are their main crops. Their environment is beautiful and a great place for one’s children to enjoy.

Wold strawberries is located in Southeastern Minnesota at Berry Dr, Mabel, MN. The staffs are friendly and it will be a great experience for you. Wayne started his journey with strawberries and is still growing and he learned new ways throughout his years of hard work. That’s why his strawberries are one of the best. The crowd you will see during the picking season will make you realize how tasty their berries are and how lovely their behaviors are as well.

For more detailed information, you can check out their official website.

Source: woldstrawberries

Carter’s Red Wagon Farm

Carter’s Red Wagon Farm is another place for the best strawberry picking near Minnesota. It is located at 14766 119th Ave, Park Rapids, MN. They always welcome you warmly to their strawberry patch for you to pick the red and fresh strawberries. Also, if that’s not enough, you can buy their pre-picked ones too. Their strawberry picking season lasts 2-3 weeks and that can also be lessened or extended considering the weather or other conditions. Their strawberries are plenty as well as beautiful.

They clarified not to bring your own containers and follow the guidelines properly. Not only just strawberries, but they also have rhubarbs and asparagus. Though they had a beautiful corn maze and pumpkin parties during fall, it is no longer in their business. However, they welcome you to their strawberry patch for fresh U-pick strawberries.

If you want to pick your strawberries from the Red Wagon Farm, be sure to contact them and know detailed information on their official website.

Strawberry Picking: Late June to Mid-July

Source: cartersredwagonfarm

Pleasant Valley Orchard

Pleasant Valley Orchard, from where you can see the best views of St. Croix Valley while picking up your delicious strawberries. It is located at the pleasant valley road of Shafer, MN. This 71-acre orchard farm has been voted the best Orchard in Minnesota in 2015. They are known for their friendly environment full of apples, strawberries, pumpkins, and bakery products. Their pest management techniques help to have fewer pesticides so that you can have strawberries free of pesticides.

Though they are mostly known for their apples, strawberries here are one of the most delicious ones you can find in Minnesota. Their three acres strawberry patch full of straw mulch has some fine-looking and plenty of strawberries. You cannot bring your pets and they receive cash or check or credit card payments. 

Strawberry Picking: Late June to Mid-July

Source: pleasantvalleyorchard


Strawberry is one of the top fruits because of its higher antioxidants and fiber. In fact, all types of berries have these benefits. So make sure to enjoy your summer full of nutrients along with strawberries. The farms mentioned here are all great for their delicious strawberries and service. It doesn’t matter where you go. What matters is whether you had great strawberries along with making memories or not.


Beatrice has started writing to research more to have in-depth knowledge of things she has an interest in and this journey of hers has contributed a lot to our writing team.

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