Cherry is a type of drupe fruit also known as stone fruit that is low in calories but high in fiber. It is a great fruit for those who have a low-calorie intake every day. This tiny drupe is packed with lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Though its seed is hard as stone, the skin is thin with fruity flesh. You can find both sweet and sour types of cherries considering their class or family.

The difference between eating market-bought ones and your own picked ones is undeniable. Plucking them from the trees and putting them in your basket is soothing. The taste you will get sneaking one into your mouth while picking them, you will never get elsewhere. You might be wondering what’s the best place for cherry picking near me. Worry not! If you are an Illinois resident, we are going to present a few of the best cherry-picking places near Illinois.

How to pick the best cherries?

Cherries are a summer fruit that comes in season every May to July at best. After planting a cherry tree, it takes about 2-3 or 4 years to bear fruit. Of course, there are exceptions. And then they will bear fruit every summer. This vitamin-packed fruit has a juicy flesh which indicates it is to be picked up. If you have the chance to pick your cherries from trees, it is best to know which ones to pick as there will be lots of them. Also, you wouldn’t want to be left with sour or unripe ones, right?

Look for the ones that have fresh and green stems and they will be easier to pluck. The unripe ones are attached to the tree harder than the ripe ones. Cherries in black red or bright dark red are sweet ones in most cases. Moreover, they are ripe with plump flesh. You can pull these sweet cherries’ stems from the trees easily. The shinier and dark bright their color is, the more sweet and ripe they are.

Moreover, the best time you can pick up these little treats is in the morning. At that time, they stay fresh and cool the most before the sun heats.

Best Places for Cherry Picking near Illinois

Curranʼs Orchard

Though Curran’s Orchard is mostly known for their apple business, its slight-sour cherries are also worth it. This orchard is located at the rolling hills in Kilburn Ave, Rockford, IL. Their apple cider, apple donuts, and lemon donuts are what make people obsess over them. 

Curran’s Orchard tries minimal chemical usage on its crops. That’s why it is the best place for organic fruit lovers. Their cherry pies and donuts are so delicious that you would want to try them again. If you like tart cherries, this is it. Since tart cherries are best for baking pies, they are surely winning. They only sell U-Pick ones which means they do not sell pre-picked ones. Moreover, their cherry orchard is way small than the apple ones for which they sell out pretty quickly. Way quicker than you can imagine.

If this place is to your liking, then book or reach there before anyone so that you won’t get left out.

Source: curransorchard

Valley Orchard

Valley Orchard specializes in apples and their bakery. Apart from these, their other products are blueberries, raspberries, cherries, gooseberries, rhubarbs, blackcurrants, etc. Apple alone has more than 30 varieties and thousands of trees. They have approximately 5000 apple trees. Their bakery also is open because of apple specialties and it only remains open during apple season. Valley Orchard has pure apple cider, donuts, apple pies, fudges, and more. This huge orchard is located at E State St, Cherry Valley Illinois.

This family-owned orchard is of a total of 35 acres and has a variety of crops. You can either buy their pre-picked ones or can pick them on your own. Their summer is solely focused on cherries, blueberries, red currants, white currants, black currants, and blackberries.

The place is super for you to come with your family and spend time. The staffs are friendly and you can get a great experience eating their bakery items.

Source: valleyorchard

Braeutigam Orchards

The Braertigam Orchards is in its 8th Gen and has a huge history behind its success and business. The broad farming made them one of the best Farms in Illinois. Their fruit varieties are enough to make one surprised. This huge and beautiful Orchard is located at Turkey Hill Ln, Belleville, Illinois. It is bigger than the Valley Orchard and its main fruit is apples with more than 15 thousand trees and they are considering widening this too.

Braeutigam Orchards only harvest tart cherries. They only have this type of cherries. Braertigam Orchards Cherry’s schedule is only the first half of June.

Their bakery is famous for apple cider donuts and frozen apple cider slushies. Their tart cherries are the best for pies.
Source: braeutigamorchards


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