If you are a Chase customer, you may come across the term ‘hold memo dr’. And it can be quite confusing at first. Moreover, being held on your transaction is frustrating enough for you. It does not stay held for long but there are exceptions too. When I first got introduced to this term, I tried to know what exactly is the meaning of it or why it happens especially to chase users. Though I don’t have the perfect explanation for this, I will try to interpret it well with all the knowledge I already have as well as the information I gathered.

What does hold memo dr mean?

When you deposit a check or want to transact your fund through a check/memo, your bank may hold it due. You will get a message regarding it and ‘hold memo dr’ will be bolded in red color. Normally it happens due to the delay bank temporarily does for the funds to be available. Whether the check payer has the money in their account for a transaction or not, the bank will hold it for a short amount of time to check it.

When a debit transaction gets held on, Chase sends this message to the owner of that account. The Dr in ‘hold memo dr’ means debit and the whole message means they are holding on a debit transaction may be due to insufficient balance, confusion in certain data, or a scam.

Sometimes funds are not available on your account even if it shows. Because of that, you cannot withdraw them or use them for other purposes. If you do then you may have to deal with overdrafting or returned fees. It will be a problem for both you and the bank, though you will suffer more. And this is what dr means from the message.

That’s why Bank holds the memo solely to avoid any problem you may suffer. 

When someone sends transactions to your account that is held and you cannot withdraw or use them, that is because of clearance. Even if your account shows you have this amount of money, the funds may not be transferred to your account yet. It means the balance is here in documents but the funds are yet to be transferred. Until the transaction is clear, your bank will hold the memo.Bagi para pecinta slot online pasti Anda tidak asing lagi dengan situs raja slot. Raja Slot is one of the hundreds of slot sites on search engines.

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