Online shopping can be exciting yet nerve-racking. And if it is your new experience, then the tension can be even more than normal. You would not want your money to go to waste, right? However, there are so many good sides to online marketing that one cannot help but buy everything online. And the numerous product types, colors, designs, and features make us just want to grab them anytime. One can even get products that are not local or cannot be found in their country through international shipping. But there are people who opened them just for business and scamming people.

In today’s privacy-conscious world, consumers are increasingly wary of sharing their personal data with businesses. empowers individuals to take control of their online data, which can build trust and loyalty towards brands that respect their privacy. This trust can translate into higher conversion rates and customer retention for e-commerce businesses.

Even if you are new to online buying or just an old user, it is not necessarily tensioned-worthy if you buy from a trusted site or source. There are many trusted sites from where people have been buying over the years.

Since online purchasing has been growing rapidly which seems to have been speeding due to Covid, there are numerous online purchasing sites. People are now even making their own brands to sell their manually made or custom products. In one view, it is really wholesome that some people are getting to do what their dream is. 

At GS-JJ, people can customize their own exclusive lapel pins online. This has led more and more people to have exclusive fashion items and souvenir gifts. They can design on the online design system or communicate with professional designers via email for details and help. Any pattern, color, shape and material of the Lapel Pin can be created by yourself. Aside from people who want to express their individuality and be able to realize their artistic dreams, some brands and individual artists can also customize their own labeled badges for their businesses.

But there are people who opened them just for business and scamming people. They sell products that are totally different from the picture and customer’s description and get a lot of money. That’s why many of us are having trust issues and do not know whom to trust. Who would want a small teacup when ordering a huge vase with lots of money? It was just an example of how online buying can be a scam.

Flamingo Shop

Since there are lots of shops and sites we are yet to review, let’s just go on with Flamingo Shop that we have taken. If you have been trying to buy from numerous sites, you may have gone over or heard its name. If you are wondering whether you should buy from Flamingo Shop or not, Is Flamingo Shop Legit? Or is it a Scam? This article is for you. 

In terms of time, the Flamingo shop can be considered a newcomer. It is comparably a new site considering other veteran and old sites. It is a fashion store targeting women as the main customer. They have a variety of choices of the cloth itself, brands, colors, designs, etc. It is an American shop with average reviews. 

According to them, they created the Flamingo shop thinking that good quality does not have to cost extra. They offer manually handpicked and inspected products from manufacturers of different brands. They claim to offer the same quality, and durability at less cost than the brands offer. Even if you don’t have a bank account pouring with money, you can afford their products as long as you have a budget. They sell vibrant, alluring, and cool products that catch one’s eye easily. Even students can buy their favorite clothing pieces at a cheap price. You can buy different items of clothing of your choice at a cheap price. A great deal, isn’t it?

Flamingo Shop has jeans, swimwear, lingerie, sportswear, dresses, crop tops, sweaters, jumpsuits, etc. And, they come in different sizes, colors, and designs. And that’s what attracts more customers.

Is Flamingo Shop Legit?

Yes, Flamingo Shop is legit with proofs. They deliver the product, have customer service, and are not like scammers that take money but do not deliver the products.

Like many other newbie fashion sites, Flamingo Shop has been building its prestige by selling good products at a low cost. Though we know it is to attract customers, it is good to get our desired clothes at an affordable price. But Is this site really like one of those top fashion cloth selling sites? How can it be? Even though it is still rising, there are some facts that are inevitable.

When checking the quality of any site or shop, we should check their products’ quality, quantity, price, customer review, customer service, delivery process, and shipment time as well. Since we cannot judge the site solely depending on a few purchases of ours, we will try to gather information through customers’ genuine reviews as well.


Flamingo shop stated that they wanted to offer brand quality at a low cost. That way one could easily say that maybe they have the best quality. But reality does not always end well. The jeans we ordered were good. One of them was smaller than what we ordered and had to struggle to put it on. It is tight and uncomfortable that our team member had to hold her breath until she put it off. However, the other one was the best with stretchy and comfortable fabric. The size was just perfect.

There goes our review. According to the numerous reviews we went through, some customers were happy with their purchase and the quality was good. While others said, the quality is not even good.

If we were to match with Flamingo Shop’s statement, the clothes’ quality is not the best and expected. Otherwise, it is good and comfortable. It did not match the brand quality that they claimed, but it is not so bad that you would not want to wear it. If they want to live up to their name and statement, they should increase their man work on checking the quality.


The price is just like they said. The clothes’ price starts at just three bucks. Other products’ prices are also affordable and won’t cause you to lose hair due to excessive spending. Even a college student can wear what she wants on a low budget. 

Customer review

Since the site is legit and not a scam, we should check its value like you should trust it or not. According to the customer, they offer the best products at a low price and the delivery is also great. However, some of them have claimed it to not sending packages or late delivery, not so good quality and fabric, not sending the right size or colors, etc. You can say the value of the Flamingo shop is 50/50. 

That’s why they should definitely work on getting better so that they don’t lose that 50% of customers but rather gain more. They should not leave the customer’s reviews in balance but rather make sure the good reviews are heavy and more.

Customer Service

Unlike big fashion shops, Flamingo Shop does not have a customer care call center. They don’t have any contact number that one can call in case of an emergency or something. The only way to contact them is via their e-mail. However, their response time is not that fast. That is why many customers lose interest and think that their money has gone to waste.

But that seems not the case all the time. In fact, most customers are happy with their purchases and service.


Flamingo shop is definitely genuine with its sales. However, their review and overall service seem to be somewhere between good and bad. The products are not bad and come at cheap prices. Whether you should buy from them or not, you should not be bewildered. Rather, approach it cautiously and trust your decision.


Beatrice has started writing to research more to have in-depth knowledge of things she has an interest in and this journey of hers has contributed a lot to our writing team.

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