Eyewear is a significant part of a person’s fashion whether it is a prescription glass, a blue light blocking glass, or a sunglass. It makes you more confident and pretty and freshens up your look.

People look for eyewear online as plenty of stylish frames are available online. Finding eyewear of one’s choice or fashion sense is easier online. You get more and better options than in a local glass shop. It is a great opportunity for fashion enthusiasts.

Having so many eyewear selling shops online people get confused about which shop they should buy from or whether the site is trustworthy.

So, if you are looking for glasses online, Zeelool might be an option for you. Zeelool is an online shopping site for glasses. We are answering your question about Zeelool’s legitimacy and giving a short review on Zeelool. 

Is Zeelool trustworthy and legit?

Zeelool is most definitely legit and trustworthy. You can put your trust in Zeelool and your money is going to a safe place. They have no records of scams or fraud. They successfully delivered products to their customers and didn’t get any scam allegations. 

So, if you are thinking of purchasing products from Zeelool, you can give it a try. 

Zeelool cares for your privacy and it doesn’t steal your personal information. Your information is completely safe here and you can also have the option to block some types of cookies.

Zeelool has very active customer service, so if you get into any problem you can contact them.

Zeelool Overview 

Zeelool’s company is HONGKONG ZEELOOL DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED, and its permanent address is in HUNG HOM, KL, HONG KONG. It has warehouses all over the world. It is a newly started company. It has gained popularity in the USA and many other countries worldwide as well. 

Zeelool’s main target is to give customers premium quality eyewear at an affordable price. They have their assembly line and there are no middlemen or retailers. Because of those reasons they can cut the price and provide products to the customers at a cheaper and affordable price. A large number of exports offer discounts to the customers. 

Zeelool Features

Zeelool’s website is easy to browse and all things are well categorized. There are many options for you to make your shopping more comfortable and easy. Let’s have a look at what type of features are given at Zeelool.

Eyeglasses: Zeelool got eyewear of your favorite shape and color and got a filter to make things easier. People also have different choices when it comes to the frame type. Some may prefer plastic frames, some may prefer metal frames or nylon frames. Acetate, plastic, metal, titanium, nylon, and wood almost all types of frames are available in every size and color. It’s like a dream house for eyewear users. 

Sunglasses: Sunglass is a must-have item for fashion enthusiasts. Stylish sunglasses are available at Zeelool which are also in the affordable price range. Brands like Reymond are also available at Zeelool.

New In: They have a new option where you can find the latest designed items and new arrivals. So, catch the opportunity to stay updated.

Accessories: Zeelool has got a rich collection of glass-related accessories as well as other accessories. Eyeglasses boxes, earrings, chains, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, steam eye masks, and more items are available. All items are available at a cheap price range. 

There are a few more options available. Highlights, Flash Sale and Featured. Highlighted glasses are available in the highlights option. In the flash sale option, Zeelool offers you glasses at a big discount and you can get stylish glasses at a very cheap and affordable price range. Designer, fashion, and brand collections are available in the featured option. 

Customer service: Zeelool customer service is always there for you, in case you face any difficulties. You can contact them by giving a message on their website. They will always be helpful. Their few contact details are given below.

E-mail: support@zeelool.com 

WhatsApp: +86-18837183964 (24h active)

Call: +1 (302) 990-0619

Understanding the order process 

Firstly check their collection and find a frame of your choice with help of filters available on the website. Find fame of your desired type, shape, and material easily using filters. In case you want prescription lenses, click the “select lens” option. 

Select your prescription type whether it is single vision, progressive or non-prescription. Then enter prescription information carefully. Classic lenses, blue light blocking lenses, and photochromic lenses are available, and select what kind of lenses you want. You have to pay a much higher price than classic lenses if you order photochromic lenses. 

Add your purchase to your shopping cart and click proceed to checkout. If you have got a coupon or discount, don’t forget to use the code.

Zeelool Product Review & Customer Feedback 

Zeelool is committed to delivering you top-quality glasses. Zeelool provides fashionable, well-crafted, and premium build quality frames at affordable price ranges. There are 5 stages of quality control before shipments to secure the quality of the product and they use advanced equipment as well. There are experienced workers to pack orders carefully. 

So, you don’t have to worry about their product quality or product pricing. They are successfully serving thousands of customers and customers are mostly satisfied. 

Some customers get dissatisfied with their long shipping times. This problem occurs for various reasons and if it happens they will try to solve this most quickly. 

Some people reported problems with getting the wrong product. Contact their customer service if this occurs. Be careful in giving your eyewear measurements and if your glass is a doctor’s prescription glass give your information correctly. Because once your glass is made or delivered, you can not do anything. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Zeelool Shipping & Return Policy

Shipping Policy: Zeelool ships products through UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other major global delivery operators. Shipping is not available in certain countries. Give your location to their official website and check whether shipping is available there or not. 

Zeelool has three kinds of shipping types. The standard shipping method costs USD 6.95 and delivers within 16-24 days. The advanced shipping method has a shipping charge of USD 9.95 and a delivery time limit of 12-20 days. If you want to get your order through business express you have to pay USD 18.95 and you will get your order within 10-18 days. 

Free shipping is available for orders more than USD 69.00+. You can track your order as well.

Return & Refund Policy: You will get a 365-day warranty covering clear defects in material. If you face any issue with your order or dislike your order, contact the customer service team within 30 days of receiving the product. If you make any mistakes and want to change or cancel your order, contact their customer service team within 24 hours of ordering. 

You will get your full refund if you cancel your frame or accessories order before shipment but over 24h. But canceling orders of prescription glasses will cost 10% of the order amount. And 30% of the order amount will be deducted if the cancellation is done after shipment. So, make your purchase carefully and if you want to cancel your order perform that quickly. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 


If you don’t want to purchase from Zeelool or you are looking for more options, you can check out other websites. There are some eyewear seller websites you can check and some of them got more ratings than Zeelool. 

Some of the best alternatives are Smart Buy Glasses, Frames Direct, Eye Buy Direct, Lens Crafters, Cool Frames, Zenni Optical, Eye Glasses, etc. 

“Smart buy glasses” and “Zenni Optical” are very famous for their very rich collection and affordable pricing. You can undoubtedly check out them and you will get plenty of beautiful fashion eyewear. 

“Frames Direct” is also a trustworthy website and customers are mostly satisfied with their purchases from it. And it is also famous for a huge number of options to select from. 


We can surely say Zeelool is legit. It is a new growing business and within a short period, it has gained people’s trust. People are mostly satisfied with their products and broad stylish collection. The company is gradually improving its services. 

Have no qualms about buying from Zeelool as it is the fastest-growing eyewear seller online. Buy your stylish and unique glass from Zeelool for a better and more confident look. And visit their accessories and fashion items as well.

Thanks for your time. Leave your comment below if you are thinking of purchasing Zeelool and if you have already made a purchase let us know your experience with Zeelool. 


Beatrice has started writing to research more to have in-depth knowledge of things she has an interest in and this journey of hers has contributed a lot to our writing team.

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