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Miscellaneous withdrawal PNC can be a very important subject considering the amount or charges. If you are facing problems due to unexpected miscellaneous withdrawals or unidentified charges on your bank account, this might help you. It is not associated with a specific purpose, transaction, or withdrawal. The word miscellaneous itself indicates diverse things. It means a variety of things mixed together. And miscellaneous withdrawal also has different reasons behind it. The message you got because of this withdrawal can be because of anything among those lot of reasons. The processing will have more description of the transaction. 

Whether it is a miscellaneous withdrawal or deposit, you should know the in-depth interpretation of this. Sometimes it can be due to silly or normal reasons but sometimes it actually can be because of serious problems.

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What is a miscellaneous withdrawal on PNC?

Normally, one would say this is some kind of fee or service pays that your bank charges. This can be yearly or even monthly. Some banks refer to it as service charges or in some cases, it is known as transaction codes. The amount is trivial most of the time. However, in some cases like PNC, these withdrawal amounts are not trivial all the time. Unless you know behind the scene narration, you may have a mental breakdown as to why this much money is charged or even deposited sometimes.

Receiving a miscellaneous withdrawal on PNC may indicate service charges, some pending transfers, having pre-scheduled transfers, returned deposits, or maybe because of an internal transfer between PNC accounts. Though it happens mostly because of small service charges, you should definitely look into it more if the charge is of a big amount.

Service charges

When you make a deposit or withdraw money from your savings account, a certain amount of money will be cut along with it which is a miscellaneous withdrawal. You may say it is a simple service pay your bank is charging from you. You know how tax works which is also a service charge proportioning to your earnings, right? This charge is also simple pay that the bank takes from you using their service. Also, some banks take these service charges once a year or even a month from your saving. Of course, these charges are only a little and you don’t have to worry a bit. These fees can be charged for every method you use be it check, ATM withdrawal, or online transactions.

However, if the charges are way too huge to mistake as a miscellaneous withdrawal, get ready to make your bank confront you. It is better to take action immediately when you feel something is off. Because the Bank can make mistakes and can even redo them.

Pending transfer

When you transfer a fund, it goes through some kind of authorization check. This authorization is to double-check if your account number and the receiver account number is valid or not and whether your account has the right amount of fund or not. This happens real quick in most cases and we don’t even have to wait longer. However, sometimes the “Payment processing” or “Pending payment” period runs longer and we don’t know what’s next. Many people forget it as the money is still in the account while some connect with the bank immediately. 

Those who forget will have no idea what happens next. If the payment is processed in the meanwhile, they will get a message that there was a miscellaneous withdrawal of that exact amount they transferred. Though it is a rare thing to happen, see if you have made a transfer and didn’t get confirmation of it being processed.

Pre-scheduled transfer

One can schedule their future transfers for up to a year. Sometimes pre-scheduled transfer may appear or be tagged as a miscellaneous withdrawal. Since the date can be sooner or later, it is normal to forget. The transfer of funds takes about one to three business dates from the scheduled date. So check with PNC whether your withdrawal is due to you scheduling a transfer.

Internal Payment

When one deposit to another account of PNC or makes a payment to a PNC account, it may show as a miscellaneous withdrawal. Check the amount you sent to that account and see if it matches the withdrawal. Contact your bank if you have further internal problems going on. 

Returned money

Sometimes deposited money gets unable to process and it gets returned to your account. It also can be the reason why you got a message saying miscellaneous withdrawal. Check if you have deposited or ordered something but have not been able to process it.


This may help you out a little about miscellaneous withdrawal and the reasons for it. However, if you still cannot point out why you got a withdrawal under this name, contact your bank as soon as possible and have a detailed conversation to feel content. Not all reasons are malign or alarming, but that does not mean you should ignore them. It is better than feeling sorry.

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