How to get hair glue out of carpet?

Hair glue has been a part of hairstyling for a long time making it easier for us to get any type of hair shape by molding it any way we want. Be it extensions or wigs, hair glue is a must for making them attached to our natural hair. Nowadays, its use has been even greater due to the front lace wigs which need hair glue to get attached to our natural hairline. Moreover, removing the glue is not a big deal. There are lots of substances or products we can use to remove hair glue from our hair or hairline easily.

When you are wearing it, spilling a few drops may occur without your intention. Since glue hardens easily, getting them on your cloth or rugs or carpet might be annoying. You can easily clean the floor but the fiber on your cloth will tangle with each other making a dry lump. Moreover, carpets or rugs’ fiber tend to be longer than normal cloths. Having a lump on your beautiful carpet is unsightly and displeasing.

Since hair glue is not as strong as regular glue like wood glue, mod podge, super glue, etc, getting rid of it from your carpet will be easy. To know how to get hair glue out of carpet, our discussion will lead you to a reliable way.

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How to get hair bonding glue out of carpet?

There are some easy home remedies to get hair glue out of the carpet. And these are the common ways that people have come up with. Dried glue is quite noticeable on a carpet making the whole carpet lose its beauty and pleasantness. The main purpose is to get that glue out of the carpet without damaging it. Scraping it or rubbing it harshly will get the glue out of the carpet slightly but the fibers will also come off damaging the carpet. That’s why the gentle way is the best way for this problem.

Distilled White Vinegar

Every household has white vinegar in their kitchen and it is available in every shop. Vinegar is made of acetic acid, it has the property to break bonds. Adhesives like hair glue or any other glue work because of surface bonding. The two things you are going to attach through glue will stick together because the glue will bond with both things’ surfaces.

Vinegar will gradually let loose those bonds and eventually break them. Then the glue will be easier to deal with. 


If the dried glue lump is huge, try scraping it with a knife without too much pressure. Just make sure to get a crack on the surface without damaging the carpet. Rub on the glue gently with a wet towel. Then, Get an amount of vinegar in a bowl. Soak a soft towel in it and place it flat on the damaged part. Dab on that part to put slight pressure on the dried hair glue and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. If it is an old soft pour more vinegar than the amount of fresh one.

After waiting, get the towel off of the place. Get a fresh towel and gently rub it as if you’re dabbing it. This will do. If there is still some glue left, redo the process.

As for my case, I used a mixture of a similar proportion of vinegar and water. Then, used a cloth soaking in it and rubbed it gently on the spot. My carpet had this spot for months which is why I put the soaked cloth on the spot, taped it well, and left it lit overnight. The next morning, the glue was already broken off but because the cloth became dry, I used the solution again. This time, I only dabbed on it for 2 minutes and it came off. Then with a wet cloth, I brushed it gently and let it dry itself.

Dish Soap

Dish soap with lukewarm water is a great alternative to vinegar. However, since it will get the stain off with it, the chances of other clean areas will get a spot if you are not careful. If the cloth you will be using get stained, wither wash it off or get a new one. Otherwise, the stain on the cloth will get on the carpet again while you use it on the dried glue.


Make a mixture of a tablespoon of any type of dish soap and a cup of lukewarm water. Soak a cloth in the mixture and rub it gently on the spot without putting pressure. Otherwise, the glue will sip further into the carpet. Do it a few times and the glue will come off. Use another cloth to soak the moisture and let it dry itself.

When I tested this, the effort, in this case, is more than the vinegar one for the old glue spot. However, it works great because of the warm water. The warm water made the glue bond break and dish soap helped by separating the glue attached to the fiber.

Rubbing Alcohol/ Acetone

Rubbing alcohol and acetone, both are solvents and they help the surface bond of glue to break loose just like vinegar. 


Use a damp cloth that is soaked in either rubbing alcohol or acetone to press onto the glue spot. Gently rub it and the adhesive will come off. If it still does not work, do it like the procedure of vinegar. Put the dampened cloth on the spot and leave it like this for about 15 minutes. Then rub it without putting too much pressure. After that, let it dry like that.


While using hair glue, be careful not to drop it anywhere on your cloth or carpet. The ways to remove hair glue out of carpet are to be a success but the possibility is not 100% always. No matter how you get it off, it won’t be just like new all time. After you get hair glue out of your carpet, be cautious using this near these carpets or rugs.

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