Can rubbing alcohol damage your hair?

Hair is one of the delicate parts of our body that can be damaged with one single wrong move. People are coming up with different kinds of hair care remedies continuously. Just like we eat, our hair also needs food to stay healthy and that happens when we use different kinds of hair packs, oil, hair-care products, etc.

There are products that improve our hair but there are some products that damage the hair harshly. Some products may not harm the hair directly or they may work when it is used excessively. Maybe we are using those things without even knowing why our hair health is deteriorating. Rubbing alcohol is one of those suspects. What is the benefit of using rubbing alcohol on your hair and Can rubbing alcohol damage your hair? Let’s see how this substance works on our hair.

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What happens if you put rubbing alcohol in your hair?

The natural pH level of human hair is acetic in the range of 4.5 to 5.5. And it is ideal to keep this pH for it to be healthy. However, our day-to-day life work, dust, and different product make the pH unstable. This is why the oil, shampoo, conditioner, and those hair care products carry alkali ingredients that nullify the too much acetic amount and provides a neutral environment with a perfect pH balance.

Those ingredients help hair follicles and make sure it has all the necessary moisture it needs. It is a basic thing to know that Base can balance too much acid and vice-versa. Imagine pouring more acid into an acidic atmosphere or pouring more base on an alkalic thing. It will make damage that thing. We need balance in everything and that includes our hair too.

As our hair is already acetic, putting rubbing alcohol which is also an acetic solution will make the hair dry by sucking up the natural oil and moisture hair has. The natural oil our hair makes is the main thing that hair can live off of. It is a sign that our hair is in a healthy state. Dryness is the enemy of our hair. Rubbing alcohol may help with the little parasite lice and maybe dandruff too but using it without thinking is deadly to your hair.

Rubbing alcohol will dehydrate your hair causing the dryness you would definitely not want. Though it helps sometimes people with too oily hair, you should not put it on your hair indecisively.

What will rubbing alcohol do to your hair?

Rubbing alcohol is a member of the hydroxyl group that is known for its acetic behavior. Our hair has acetic pH and a certain point of acid is the best for hair and our scalp. Any lower or higher pH will cause hair damage greatly. When you put an acetic thing on an acetic thing, it will lower that thing’s pH. The way base nullifies acid, the acid will increase the acetic characteristics of another acid product. That is the case when putting rubbing alcohol on your hair. It will lower the pH causing serious damage by nullifying the moisture. As a result, your hair will be like dry straws. This serious thing happens when you pour too much rubbing alcohol on your hair and keep it for a good amount of time or when you are using this solution for quite a while. Other than that, the problem is not serious if you have used an ample or less amount.

Can I use rubbing alcohol on my hair?

After getting into a deep discussion, the answer to this question is certain. Our hair roots produce oil that keeps the hair moist which is the best environment in which no fungus or bacteria can attack. Rubbing alcohol destroys that moisture and sucks up natural hair oil leaving the hair frizzy. Even hair specialists and doctors have stated that you should not put rubbing alcohol on your hair.

However, in one case you can use it. As we said how natural hair oil helps keep the best environment, too much natural oil is also bad for your hair. Since rubbing alcohol sucks the oil, you can use it if your hair produces too much oil to the point it is getting attacked by bacteria or lice. Putting an ample amount will do the trick. But if your scalp is sensitive, don’t do this or else it will burn and develop a skin condition.

Does rubbing alcohol help get rid of dandruff?

Putting rubbing alcohol may help reduce dandruff by killing the orgasm that is the reason for this. As we know bacteria and any living orgasms are made of protein. An acetic solution reacts with protein which causes protein breakdown and thus those living creatures die. However, this is a temporary solution and does not fully help get rid of dandruff. And since dandruff causes itchy skin, putting rubbing alcohol may irritate your scalp.

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