How to get rid of lice naturally in one day?

The itching sensation with uncomfortable movement on our scalp is truly something detestable. The faster we can get rid of it, the better. Lice are the main reason why this happens in most cases. Unless one has a skin problem like eczema, or fungal infections like ringworm, etc to cause dry and itchy skin and scalp, lice can be one of the most reasonable causes.

These creatures crawl and run around our scalp and grip our hair just to suck blood. They cannot live without a human host as they live off of our blood. In certain cases, they can live a week or a little more at most even without a human host. Be it our daily things, accessories, beds, pillows, comb, or any non-living things, lice stay alive that many days waiting to infiltrate a human host.

Moreover, these tenacious things regenerate within a week after hatching. That’s why delaying the riddance only helps them get bigger in number. If you discover any lice on your head, get down for removing them as fast as possible.

There are chemical product treatments, OTC treatments, natural ways, home remedies, prescribed shampoos, etc to tackle the situation. But if you want to get rid of them naturally as soon as possible, there are a few ways to help you.

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Home remedies to kill lice in one day

Petroleum Jelly/ Mayonnaise

Smothering your hair to limit the air surrounding them is one of the common ways to kill lice. Choose any one of them and apply it to your hair. Don’t leave any spot behind from the scalp to the edge of your hair. Make a soft bun or use a clip and wear a shower cap. If you can keep it overnight, it’s better. If not, keep it on for at least 3 hours to make it succeed. The procedure is quite messy and will be a hassle when you shower. It will help with the lice riddance.

Essential oil

It is said to be a successful home remedy to use essential oil, especially tea tree oil, neem oil, ylang-ylang oil, etc. You can use it alone or mix it with smothering agents like coconut oil, petroleum jelly, or mayonnaise.


Combing especially wet combing is possibly the best and most non-messy way. Sectioning your hair before combing and using a normal comb to untangle your hair is the first method. Place a white sheet before you and start combing from a section. Lice combs are pretty common and can be found even in local marts. 

For the best result, wet your hair and apply a handful of conditioner. It will be like a smothering product making sure the lice stay in one place. And comb down your hair as we said before. The result is instant, unlike other procedures.

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