The number you have dialed has calling restrictions

What does it mean when you have called someone but it says that the number you have dialed has calling restrictions? At a glance, one may say the receiver has restricted their phone number from a certain number of people. However, there are several reasons why a call in Verizon is restricted.

Also, there are ways to cancel the Verizon calling restrictions.

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What do Calling restrictions mean?

When a user puts a limit on their number and control who can call them and whom they can call, is calling restrictions. You can make your number appear restricted on the receiver’s phone when you call them. This is what you are willingly doing for restrictions.

However, one may even get calling restrictions by only getting blocked by the user. Also, if one does not pay their caller id bill or credits, their service validity will expire. It will say restricted no matter how many times you call them until they pay it up and get the service to work again.

Whether it is an incoming or outgoing call, calling restrictions to appear at the user’s will. Suppose the user puts a limit on their calling numbers and wants to remain in the shadow. If they call you, you won’t be able to see their caller id and it will appear as a “Restricted call.” If you don’t want want to receive from a restricted number, better not. Unless it is urgent, they will put their message on the voice mail.

Also, while calling them, if they didn’t put you on their limited number list, you won’t be able to connect to them as it will have calling restrictions. That’s why the incoming and outgoing, both calls’ consequences will be up to them.

There are companies, businesses, and even some government offices that use restricted numbers. The reason maybe they don’t want unnecessary calls from someone they don’t have business with and only being limited to their customer or users.

How to make my number restricted on Verizon?

There is a simple way to your number restricted on Verizon. However, you have to follow this step every time you call someone. By simply putting *67 before the number you are calling will make your number restricted. Every time you call someone, dial *67, and then the number. For example, the number is 555-555-1234. So you have to dial *675555551234.

This way the receiver won’t be able to recognize your number and they will only see restricted caller id on their phone screen.

How to bypass Verizon calling restrictions?

If someone put you on calling restrictions and still you want to reach them, you have to dial *82 before the number. It’s the same way you wanted to make your number restricted. Let’s use the same example. Dial *825555551234 [the actual number is 555-555-1234] and you will be able to connect with the receiver.

Reasons for calling restrictions

Limiting the number to a few people: 

If one wishes to put a limit on their number and wishes to be limited between certain people, other people will be put on calling restrictions. It means if you are not chosen to be those limited certain people, you won’t be able to bypass the restriction. However, if it is really urgent, there is always a way out there.

Solution: When calling the number dial *82 before that number and you will be able to bypass the restriction.


In most cases of being blocked by someone, you may hear the message of calling restrictions when calling them. Also, if your call goes directly to the voice mail after a single ring, you should know that you have been blocked. 

Solution: The only solution is to contact them via other means like social media, texts, or another number.

Unpaid Bills:

When a user doesn’t pay their credit bills or phone bills, their service validity expires and the telephone company put a restriction on the user’s number. That way, everyone who calls that person will be on calling restrictions.

Solution: The user will have to pay the bill and make the service work again. If you are a close one and want to reach them urgently, you also can pay the bill and get in touch with them.

Wrong area code or number:

Dialing the wrong number or maybe putting the wrong area code will make the call restricted. Your call would be invalid if you are out of your local area or roaming around. Make sure to dial the right number and check if you are in the right area so that the area code matches.

If it still happens, then the problem may lie in other reasons.

System error:

Sometimes it is a system error and the network operator makes you seem like a spam caller. And that is another reason behind the calling restrictions.

If you still cannot figure out why your call is on restriction, try contacting Verizon customer care. They will be able to point out the reason and even help resolve it.


While calling a number you may face different types of problems such as restrictions, allocated, not in service, and more. Sometimes, simple means take it to make the issue getaway. However, there are cases where one might have to take different measures to get to a good point. This article may help you tackle the calling restriction problem.

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