The number you have dialed is not in service message

Not getting through a call is a common issue that can happen daily. There are numerous message types we get when the call does not go through and those very messages help us know why this is happening. That is a matter of relief because if we got only one single note for every not going through call, we could never know what it even means unless we contact the service center.

Anyway, when calling someone, you got interrupted by a message telling “the number you have dialed is not in service”, right? It happens a lot to me as well and it’s really frustrating when I am trying to inform something emergency on the other side. That’s why I sorted out the most reasonable causes for this occurrence and wanted to share them with you as well. What does “the number you have dialed is not in service” mean you say? Let me elaborate.

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Reasons for this phenomenon and solutions

Let me sort the causes in different para real quick so that you can easily spot them.

The receiver Changed their subscription

We all are subscribed to any telephone service center. Basically, the number we use individually belongs to some telephone company. However, when we change our number or cancel our subscription to that company, they will cut off the service we get. 

For example, You had a sim card of ‘A’ company but you changed it to a ‘B’ company which completely changed your sim number and service as well. So those who call you at ‘A’ sim afterward, will hear that message. If your call does not go through, it can be one of the main reasons.

The only solution to this is to get their new number by contacting them via other platforms.

Unpaid service charge

As we said, our sim company gives us service for the subscription. However, this service is not free at all. We have to pay a certain amount of service charge depending on our use. The service charge also varies whether you pay it in advance or pay after you use the service. If that person failed to pay their service charges for quite a time and got suspended from using the service, you won’t get through the call at all. 

Also, not paying their phone bill will make them isolated and no one would be able to successfully call their number. The company always gets a few numbers to be taken out of service to alert the subscriber about their problem and result. This problem is easily taken care of although.

Not paid phone bill problem usually gets solved when the company contacts the subscriber. So unless that person doesn’t pay their bill till the end without any care, there is no way anyone can contact them.

No service area

A telephone company has some specific area of service and works inside that area perfectly. So if the person you are calling is out of the service area, the service center will be unable to connect your call to his’. As in you are using a local number of your area and that other person went out of his area, his phone number will be as good as nothing.

Unless they use call forwarding, you will most likely hear from them until they are back in their service area. Call forwarding would help your call their local number to their current location. Moreover, sometimes not being able to use the call forward option in the right way also causes that service message.

These reasons include changed subscriptions, no service area, and unpaid phone bills are some of the common reasons that collide with many call fail occurrences. Calling restrictions, unallocated phone numbers, numbers not in service, and more are those issues.


If the other person blocked your number, it won’t say “the user has blocked you” but use a polite way. You are blocked and that made your number to be out of his service as well.

Contact them through other ways and check whether you are blocked or not and settle things between you two.

Wrong number

Dialing the wrong number may also be a reason in this case. Sometimes the wrong number belongs to some other person and other times, it’s just that the number does not even exist.

Check the number and dial the right number with caution; also be sure the local area number is right.

This problem lasts only for a while. Wait for some time before trying again. Some other time, you may be directed to voicemail. If it happens, just leave a message for them to contact you back or say the message you wanted to deliver. In most cases, the call goes through after some time. Be patient and try again after some time.

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