The number you have dialed is unallocated

There are several reasons behind hearing, “The number you have dialed is unallocated” when you dial a number. Firstly you have to understand what unallocated means. It means your dialed number may not have any user, or it is not assigned to the network. So, Your dialed number is not assigned to a service provider, or it is not valid. Your dialed number may also no longer belong to a user. Your dialed number will remain unallocated until it is subscribed.

Also, if you haven’t paid your phone bill on time several times, you are more likely to get your network service to cancel your service. So if someone dials your number, they may get a “Called number not assigned” message when they try to dial. You will face the same if you dial the number of such people who do not have a bill and the number is cancelled.

You may also hear the number you have dialed is not in service. Temporary network or billing issues for the number you called may be why you get, “the number you have dialed is not in service.” If the subscriber is located in an area with weak network signals, the caller will undoubtedly receive the same message.

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More about unallocated

There are some other possibilities when your called number is marked as unassigned. Whether your recipient has these issues or not, you’ll be able to spot them once you get to know them. Problems can be:

Wrong Number: It’s the first and most important thing you need to do. This means double-checking the number you’re dialing to see if any digits are missing or replaced. You can receive a message by dialing the wrong number.

Network problem: This problem can occur if there is a fault or delay in the calling system. This is a temporary issue and will most likely be resolved shortly.

Fake or Spam Number: A scam is another way to get this message or call from an unassigned number. A fake number is a fraudulent number used by spammers, fraudsters, or protocols. The software can generate numbers similar to the original ones to cheat or use in disguise. It depends on the mentality and profession of the person. However, it is best not to accept these calls.

When your operator’s system cannot find your calling number, it is unassigned. This does not mean that this is a permanent problem. Check out our article on Is it possible to sync your phone without knowing.

Phone bill due: When a person does not pay their phone bill on time, the phone company limits or temporarily shuts down the person’s carrier’s system. This remains the same until he pays his due bill. Meanwhile, other people calling them will not be valid or assigned.

Calls from unallocated numbers

Most of us have good experience with these non-localized numbers. Just as we dial an unknown number, we also receive calls from these numbers. These numbers are used primarily for advertising purposes. But sometimes, it can be spam. Sometimes they cause severe problems like infecting phones and transmitting viruses. Such problems can cause huge damages like loss of phone data etc.

The software generates these spam phone numbers. Hackers do this on purpose. This software gives spammers, scammers, telemarketers, and robocallers a way to show the number on your caller ID without giving away their real phone numbers.

They know you’re more likely to pick up the phone if you see a 10-digit number instead of seeing a “Private” or “Unreachable” message. So you have to be careful and be informed about such situations, so you don’t get into unwanted problems.

How to get an unallocated phone number

You don’t need to say which country you are in, but I can only answer here in the US. All valid numbers are already assigned to various carriers here in the US. I remember one of our customers requested that we get a block of 10,000 numbers from their operator. I don’t know their reason for the whole area code thing, but the carrier needed to set up a previously unused area code for this company. This was the only way I knew of to guarantee that you could get a previously unused and unassigned number or group of numbers. I don’t know what the cost was to create this new area code because I wasn’t involved in the process of ordering it.

Why does someone use an unallocated phone number as a business number?

Mostly not. You can’t tell if a phone number hasn’t been assigned without calling it, and you might not even know it.

Each primary carrier has one or more blocks of numbers that it passes as source telephone numbers for caller identification purposes when a remote switch does not pass a valid source number when using the SS7 protocol for inter-switch communication.

Telephone companies do this because they receive a portion of the cost of the call as a payment in transit, allowing their exchange to be used to connect the call from point A to point B.

Phone companies get paid when they terminate a call when a human or machine answers the call and a virtual circuit is established between the endpoints.

So phone companies have an incentive to more or less temporarily hand these numbers over to fraudsters because they make money completing phone calls and make absolutely no money preventing fraud.

Temporary phone number

A temporary phone number is a service that allows mobile phone users to hide their private information while having a temporary contact number for convenience or anonymity.

Getting a temporary phone number is a perfect solution if you need to avoid spam calls or want to keep your number out of the public eye for security reasons. All you have to do is select an available prefix and enter your personal information.

It can help you stay anonymous when you want it. Temporary phone numbers are a great way to avoid unwanted phone conversations or text messages and allow you to screen the people contacting you.

How to recover

The number you have dialed is unallocated and is much more annoying to hear. Especially when you are in a hurry or in the case of an emergency, so, firstly check if the number is valid. Dial the number carefully, and if you hear this, dial again. 

You can also contact the service provider and ask for help. You can contact your service provider to check your connection and payment history. Finding out your problem is a must for solving the problem properly as you may not want any trouble or save your precious time. 

Why does my cell phone ring when I say, “Sorry, that’s not a valid area code” when I answer?

Many call centres have outbound dialing features for things like sales calls. Sometimes someone fails to configure the system correctly.

What is supposed to happen is that the system calls the numbers from the list. If someone picks up the call, they are supposed to transfer the call to an available agent. The system minimizes the time agents waste listening to ringtones and voice messages. Maximizes call centres efficiency.

If something is misconfigured, the transfer function may fail; As a result, people hear messages similar to what you describe. Rather than being transferred to an agent, you are sent to a dead end.


Hopefully, the following information helped you understand why you face the problem and several reasons behind this. If you face this, try to find the real reason behind this. You can follow our guidelines and solve the problem carefully. Contact the service team to ask your question, and you will get your answer from the experts. Most importantly, recheck the number and dial again because it will be a matter of great agony if the whole problem you face is because of your silly mistakes. 

Act according to the problem to stay safe. Tell in the comment section what types of problems you are facing and tell your experience. You can also suggest what I should share more that might be of your help. Wishing you good luck.

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