What Can I Use Instead Of Eyelash Glue?

Eyes are one of the most important sensory organs. For women, it’s not only a sensory organ but also an organ for beautification. Women like to enhance their aesthetic look by using different beauty products. The eyes are one of the shortest organs of the human body. But there are a lot of beauty products for the eyes, such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lenses, false lashes, kajal, etc. Though all these elements are essential for making the eyes look elegant,  women tend to have extra attention to their eyelashes. 

Fashionable women always like to have long eyelashes. It gives an aesthetic look to the eyes.  Those who have inborn long eyelashes are believed to be the most fortunate person. Because they don’t have to hassle with wearing false lashes. But those who don’t have long lashes like to use false eyelashes to make their eyes prettier. False lashes come in different forms. To wear false lashes, eyelash glue is one of the most famous options.

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Is Eyelash Glue Safe For The Eyes? 

Your eyes are the most precious thing. You cannot neglect taking care of your eyes. While using eyelash glue, you need to know the pros and cons of eyelash glue. To use false eyelashes,  eyelash glue is used, which is specially made for false lashes. But always this glue may not be available in your collection.

Moreover, this glue is quite expensive. There is no doubt false lashes got the demand of its female users. But as a sensible user, if you think well, you will notice that this eyelash glue contains some harmful elements that can damage your eyes very badly. 

Research shows that eyelash glue contains paraben, ammonia, formaldehyde, and lead,  which irritate. Besides, it contains latex and benzoic acid, which are the reason for allergic reactions. Moreover, if the glue somehow enters your eyes while using, it can cause itchy eyes, redness, swelling, irritation, allergic reaction, etc. The most shocking news is that the chemicals are responsible for causing cancer. 

Another element is lead which causes miscarriage. Besides, after removing eyelashes, sometimes the glue is not removed properly. If the eyes are not cleaned properly, the dirt inside them can cause bacterial infection. So we see that there are many health issues regarding this eyelash glue. You should not use eyelash glue for a long time. Rather you should look for other alternatives to eyelash glue.

Is There Any Alternative To Eyelash Glue? 

As it is said earlier, eyelash glue is not always safe for your eyes. We should not damage our precious eyes to look different. So if you have other options for using something instead of eyelash glue, it will save you from unpredictable situations. And yes, there are many alternatives to eyelash glue. Here, different options are given which can be used as an alternative to eyelash glue.

Self-adhesive Lashes

Self-adhesive lashes contain a strip of glue on them. You need to pull off the pair of false eyelashes from the box and put them on your original eyelashes. It’s so simple to use. It is also reusable. If the stripes seem not sticky enough, you can heat the stripe with your hair blower. It also has some additional stripes. So if the existing stripes are no longer usable, you can use the new stripes! This stripe lasts a day. Though it has little less longevity, it is effective. 

Magnetic Eyelashes

Using Magnetic eyelashes is a super idea than other options.  Magnetic eyelashes have magnetic stripes. It has an adhesive function to stick the false lashes to your eyes. There are two parts in each eye’s lashes. One part has to be put on the upper lashes and the other part on the lower lashes so that your natural lash will be  sandwiched between the adhesive stripes. 

It is also reusable and hygienic. So, it is pretty easy, safe, and comfortable to use. There is no tension of having mess or glue leakage problems. You can use it even if you have very little time. It can also give you a natural look. This is also suitable for those who use glasses. It is not sensitive to your eyes. Magnetic eyelashes are expensive, but if you buy them once  you don’t need to buy them for the next two years. So, its long-lasting usefulness will save you money and time.

Magnetic Eyeliner

Magnetic eyeliner is a kind of eyeliner that works like magnets. The ingredients used in it work like magnets. To use it, first, apply your magnetic eyeliner just like your regular eyeliner. Then place the magnetic lashes on it. Eyeliner and lashes connect like  two poles of magnets attracting each other. Like magnetic eyelashes, magnetic eyeliner is also effortless and comfortable to use. 

It has the advantage of being used multiple times. If you can’t place the whole eyelash at a time, you can cut it to your desired size and put every single part after another. It is also waterproof. So, if your eyes get wet anyhow, you don’t have to worry about it. There is no fear of bacterial infection or any other reactions. I recommend using tweezers while using it. Using your hand may not be suitable for proper adjustment. After removing the false eyelashes from your eyes, properly clean the magnets and keep them in a box for future use.


There are lash-intensive serums that will increase the volume of lashes. These lash growth serums contain castor oil, vitamins that help to make your natural eyelashes thicker and longer. You can get serum at any beauty shop, or you can also make your own serum at home. Lash growth mask serum helps to increase your natural eyelash volume. There are many eyelash growth serums from famous brands. You can pick one from your favorite brand. This serum can also be made home with natural ingredients for fuller and longer eyelashes. It is very easy to make if you have the required ingredients. The ingredients are very available. To make this, you will need different kinds of oils. 

  • First, take an empty mascara tube. 
  • Then take ½ tbsp of castor oil,½ tbsp of vitamin E oil, and ½ tbsp of pure coconut oil. 
  • Mix them properly.
  • Then add three drops of lavender oil and rosemary oil. 
  • Gently mix them 

 And your DIY eyelash serum is ready to apply. Use your old mascara brush to apply them to your natural eyelashes regularly. After some days, you will see a surprising result!


Basically, mascara is used for increasing the volume of eyelashes. But that’s an old story. Now mascara is used as an alternative to eyelash glue. At first, you may not be used to it, which may seem messy. But gradually, you will be a pro at it. The procedure is straightforward and the same as your years-long mascara application. 

What you need to do is just apply your mascara on your upper eyelashes as you usually do. Then put on your false lashes on your original lashes. Then press a little bit and hold it for a while. And your false lashes are completely set! It can last the whole day if you apply a proper amount of mascara. Always try to use waterproof mascara for better results.

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner can be used as an alternative to eyelash glue. For using it as a substitute, apply the proper amount of eyeliner. Then place your false lashes on the eyeliners. Press and hold it for a while just like the above-mentioned mascara hack. It will be easy if you use tweezers instead of your fingers to put it in a proper place.

Eyelash Extension

If you want a classy look without false lashes, you can go for eyelash extensions. It’s a semi-permanent procedure. Eyelash extension glue is more permanent than eyelash glue. Eyelash extension is safe if it is placed in the correct manner. There is an individual extension for each lash. There are different kinds of eyelash extensions in the beauty industry. Semi-permanent glue is used to fix it. Professional artists do it. Your eyelashes can look thicker and longer without mascara and false lashes. 

There are different parameters of its curl strength. There is no pain or risk in eyelash extension. So you can relax all the time. Though it is a little bit expensive, if you are tired of using false lashes, then eyelash extension is a better choice. It will give you an extra volume to your natural lashes. Regular false lashes have a problem with using glue again to remove the glue. But eyelash extensions will get you rid of this problem. Moreover, it has a customizable function. 

You can choose your extension style. So this customizable, waterproof, and pain-free extension can be your alternative to eyelash glue. You don’t have to worry about false lashes every day before going outside. So, if you can spend some money on it, you can wake up with beautiful, charming eyelashes every day!

Some Wrong And Harmful Methods

Sometimes we see some DIY pages showing the methods of making alternative eyelash glue at home. But this is not safe all the time. Using these wrong methods can harm you so severely that you may lose your eyesight. So don’t believe these hacks blindly. First, use your common sense. If you don’t feel good at it, believe in yourself and strictly avoid those things. Some of these wrong and harmful approaches are given below-

Nail Glue

Don’t ever think of using nail glue in your eyelash. It’s a harmful approach. Nail glue contains the same elements that superglue has. It can cause discomfort,  eyelids swelling, blurry vision, watering, etc. It will stick false lashes to your eyelids so hard, which is unsuitable for the eyes. 

The skin of our eyelids is very soft and sensitive. It is not suitable to use as you may get hurt while trying to remove them. It can also harm the eyes as it contains chemicals especially made for nails. Remember, eyelash glue can be applied on fake nails, but nail glue can’t be used on fake lashes.  The same goes for eyelash extensions. Don’t ever think of using nail glue for eyelash extensions.


No way! The main element of super glue is cyanoacrylate which is an acrylic resin. It’s not suitable for the human body, especially sensitive areas like the eyes. It is suitable for objects, not human skin. Super Glue is used to adjust things like plastic, glass, wood, etc. When we see any crack, we use it to join the gap. It dries quickly, and when it dries, it is tough to remove them. So don’t ever think of using it. It can damage your skin and can cause skin irritation.

White Glue

White glue is commonly known as school glue and is mostly used for crafts. It is also called Polyvinyl acetate glue (PVA glue). It contains dangerous elements that are not suitable for the eyes. 


Honey is good for giving moisture. But it’s not a good idea to use honey as an alternative to eyelash glue. Because honey is kind of sticky and doesn’t dry quickly. If you use it, it will not dry quickly. Moreover, it also attracts dirt. Instead, you can use honey to condition and moisturize your eyelashes naturally. If you use honey regularly on your eyelashes, it will help you to grow more eyelashes. 


Vaseline has an oily texture. So it’s not perfect as an alternative to glue. You cannot firmly put your eyelash with it. Instead, you can apply vaseline to your original eyelash to make it look darker and shinier.  It will keep the actual lashes hydrated and thicker.

Hair Gel

Hair gel is inappropriate as an alternative to eyelash glue. In hair gel, some synthetic elements are added, such as polymer and resin. On the other hand, eyelash glue’s main ingredient is latex. Using hair gel in eyelashes may cause irritation and inflammation, redness, swelling, infection, etc. Rather it will make your natural eyelashes rough and coarse. Because many strong chemicals are used in hair gel which is harmful to natural lashes. As a result, your natural lashes may be fragile and weak.

White Tape

Some suggest using white tape as an alternative to eyelash glue. But it is not ideal for that. The adhesiveness of the tape is not guaranteed. If it fails to stick properly, you may face an unwanted situation outside. It is weak to hold your fake lashes for a long time.

How Can You Make Homemade Glue From Natural Ingredients?

There are also some safe hacks for making eyelash glue at home. If you run out of eyelash glue and don’t have any other alternatives, then you can make your own eyelash glue at home. There are many options for making homemade glue with available kitchen ingredients. These are handy and cheap.

Sugar and honey

  •  You will need half a tsp of granulated sugar, one drop of honey,  and a small amount of water in a pan. 
  • Then heat them into medium flame. Don’t forget to stir them continuously until the consistency gets thicker.
  • Then turn off the burner and let the mixture cool to avoid burning. 
  • Then take a zero-size painting brush to use the glue to your eyelash line. Slowly apply the mixture.
  • When you have successfully done the job, then carefully apply the lashes on your eyes with a tweezer.
  •  Press them firmly until the glue gets dry and they get stuck with your eyes. You can use a blow dryer to quicken the process. Ensure the dryer is in low heat and the drying process is not more than 30 seconds. 

After using the glue, when it is time to remove them use a cotton fabric. If it is warm, it will be better. Then slowly remove them with it.  The worm cloth will melt the glue.


For the second homemade eyelash glue, you will need some flax seeds and water into a pan. 

  • Heat the mixture until it gets glue-like consistency. 
  • Then turn the heat off and let it cool as long as you can apply it on your eyelashes.
  • Apply it just like the sugar and water glue

White Rice

Cooked rice can also be an alternative to eyelash glue. If you already have cooked rice at your home, then the task is very easy. 

  • Take a small amount of cooked rice into a bowl and thoroughly smash them until it looks like a paste. 
  • Apply the paste to the false lashes with a cotton bud or a toothpick and put it into your eyes. You can use a blow dryer if it takes a long time to dry. 

If you don’t have cooked rice, then you can boil some rice for this purpose. It may not be effective as eyelash glue. But you will be satisfied with its performance.

It’s Time To Remove Eyelashes!

While removing eyelashes, first wet your eyes with warm water. You can also use eye makeup remover. These will lose the adhesiveness of the glue, whatever glue you use. Coconut oil is also a good option as an eyelash glue remover. After removing eyelashes, always peel off the remaining stripe or adhesive from the false lashes. As a result, it will be reusable for the next time. Keeping Your false lashes clean is also essential.  you can clean the lashes with a cleaning solution to remove the excess dirt. If you don’t do that you will face problems using it the next time.

Some Precautions

The eyes are a very sensitive area. So extra precautions are needed. Here are some precautions for your better safety.

  •  Never use others’ used lashes. Used lashes might not be cleaned properly. If you use them, they can harm your eyes very badly. Don’t borrow others’ eyelashes, and don’t give your eyelashes to anyone too. Both have the same danger.
  • Before using any products, check the labels to see whether there are any elements that can harm your eyes. 
  • If you are a new eyelash user, then slowly apply the lashes. You don’t need to hurry. You should take time and gradually wear it.
  • Always keep your eyes clean while wearing eyelashes. There are some risks of transferring bacteria from your hands.
  • Don’t use eyelashes with glue and jewels.
  • Try to avoid glues that are made with formaldehyde.
  • Always keep your natural eyelashes hydrated.
  • If you ever feel irritation or uncomfortable eyes, immediately make an appointment with an eye specialist doctor.


The eyes are the most sensitive organ. So it’s your duty to take good care of your eyes. Because there are some issues of bacterial and fungal infection if any dirt remains. So, you need extra caution while using it. Whatever you use instead of eyelash glue, always make sure to keep your eyes clean. In the case of buying products, follow the directions. Hopefully, you have already decided on your preferred alternative of eyelash glue after reading this article. 

If you follow these methods and maintain these instructions, you can avoid the risks related to your eyes. Never use any unauthorized products. Try to use natural and authentic products. Whatever you use, be careful of keeping your eyes safe from allergies or any other reaction. Don’t go with the flow seeing other users’ application methods. Always think of your own comfort and safety first. In this way, Keep loving your eyes and make them as charming as you like.

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