What does it mean when your phone says invalid number?

In most cases of getting the message of an invalid number, the incorrect format of the number  is the reason. When the recipient’s number is dialed wrong, you will get a message that says the number is invalid. Apart from the incorrect format, there seem to be a few more causes for this occurrence. 

However, your number is in the wrong format or missing the country/area code when your phone says invalid number most of the time. It can happen when you are trying to dial the number but missed a digit accidentally. Or maybe because the number you dialed is not in service anymore. If you are calling a number outside of your country, you will have to or may have to add their country or area code either before or somewhere in the number. If not, it will say an invalid number.

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What are the reasons for an invalid number?

As we stated before the most reasonable cause for an invalid number is because of incorrect format, even though there might be other reasons as well. 

Wrong format: Most of the cases of this occurrence happen due to incorrect formatting. Every country’s phone number format is different. In some countries, you need to have 9 digits meanwhile in some other countries, 11 digit number works. So make sure you jot down the correct number you are calling. Also, the wrong country or area code falls into this category. You have to double-check the country code of the number before attempting a call. There are some numbers that include mathematical symbols like +.

In many phone services, they will tell you if the format is wrong. If you hear “this phone number format is not recognized; please check the country and number,” then something is surely wrong with the number format.

Typing mistake: This is the most common reason for getting an invalid number message. When you are typing the number you are going to call, you may accidentally put the wrong digit or miss one. Double-check your dialed number before clicking on the call button.

Not in service area: Though the message you get in this case most of the time is that the number you have dialed is not in service or unallocated, that’s not all. A number out of the country or service area may appear as an invalid number. Sometimes, not including the international dialing code results in this problem too. And if the number you are dialing is not in their service area, or maybe the service is cut off, you will get that error message.

Disconnected number: Sometimes the other person may face some problem disabling their service or just move somewhere with no connection at all. There might be a change in their telephone company service. And that is why the number may appear invalid.

How to fix an invalid number?

To fix the invalid number, you will have to make sure to catch on the reason. When you are done knowing the reason why you are getting this message, solving it will be a swift move.

When dialing a number, double-check it and see if the digits are in that person’s area or country format. If it is an international call, make sure to include the dialing code. See if any digits are missing or wrong. After checking all these things, the incorrect format problem should go away.

You should ensure from the source you got the number that it is still in service and within the service area too. For further issues, if it still happens, contact your phone service provider to see if there are any other internal problems.

Does invalid number mean you are blocked?

No, an invalid number message does not necessarily mean that you have been blocked by the recipient. The possible reasons for getting the invalid number message are incorrect format, typing errors, disconnected or not in service number, etc. 

You may suspect that the receiver has blocked your number if the call does not go through. However, in case of getting blocked, you will receive another message letting you know that the call cannot go through or is just out of service. The receiver won’t get any of your messages and calls when they block you. And between blocked and invalid numbers, there are no connections whatsoever. 

However, you may want to make sure that you are definitely not blocked. Just call that number from an unknown number or a third-party number. If it goes through, you will know that you are blocked. If it does not, then there might be other reasons why this is an invalid number and you won’t need to worry about being blocked.

How to check a valid number?

If you are skeptical about your number and if it is valid or not, just check it through. You can check it in various ways.

The simplest way is to call. Dial the number and attempt a call. If it connects with the other side, then it is valid. Invalid numbers do not go through and hear a message saying it is not a valid phone number or not in service.

Your country has a designed number format that every phone number follows. You can check your country code, area code, and the number of digits and then cross-check with your number.

There are lots of online tools you can use. It will show you a result in a moment after getting your number and in some cases your country.

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