Best canister vacuum for high pile carpet

High Pile Carpet has longer and looser fiber. And dirt can quickly form in between and inside the fibers. These carpets are famous for their coziness, and warm atmosphere. But they also get cut by many due to high-maintenance. Cleaning and washing them is a lot of work. However, if your vacuum has strong suction power and can suck dirt efficiently, why wouldn’t you get this beautiful cozy carpet. Especially Winter will be an excellent time for you when you walk around without any sandals or socks.

Canister vacuum offers great suction power, efficiency, portability, and easy storing. So, make sure to check the best canister vacuum that can easily dust off your high pile carpet. So that not even a peck remains.

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High Pile Carpet Vacuum

As a cordless compact and handheld vacuum, Wyze surely made quite a reliable one. It is powerful, lightweight, portable, and has a good amount of runtime. With only around 2.8 pounds, using it is really cool. Even if you clean for quite a lot of time, you won’t feel tired as it is lighter than many other competitors. You can reach any corner of your house and clean them up. Also, this one is designed for easy access, storage, and usage. It is super easy to use.

Even assembling is easy out of the box. After installing the wall mount, you will say that storage can never have been this easy and fruitful. Take it off when you want to use it, clean it, and then just put it back. Also, the design is both great and has good usability. The wall mount is so convenient with its versatile features.

You can see the battery percentage while charging on its screen. After fully charging, you can run it for 50 minutes long without any breaks. After that, you can either charge it or just change the battery for another 50 minutes. This option helps a lot when you have so much to clean and less time.

The highest suction power is 24kpa which can be 150 air watts in other words. Among its three suction levels, this one has the most powerful suction which is called turbo mode. Turbo mode can clean any stubborn spot easily but it eats up battery life real quick. 

The medium one balances between power and battery life while the Eco one focuses on normal cleaning with the longest battery life. If your high-pile carpet needs intensive cleaning and has lots of dust, and stubborn spots then Turbo mode is the savior. If you clean your carpet once a week, then one batch of cleaning with medium level will do the magic. And, if it is for daily cleaning, then Eco mode is perfect. In short, the level will depend on how dirty or clean your carpet is.

Suction LevelSuction PowerBattery
Turbo24,000 Pa/ 150 air wattsLoses fast
Medium15,000 Pa/ 55 air wattsKeeps a balance between power and battery life
Eco7,000 Pa/ 18 air wattsPreserves the longest battery life

Apart from having a cleaning motor, Wyze added another 9,500 RPM-powered motors for sucking pet hairs, debris, and dirt.


Vacuum for high pile carpet Wyze Cordless Vacuum
Includes US charger, Wall mount, Floor brush, 2-in-1 brush, Aluminum Tube assembly, and Additional insert.
Suction Three levels with the highest 24 KPa power
Weight 2.8 lbs/ 1.27006 KG
Capacity 0.7L for dust cup

Oreck Compact Canister Vacuum can clean normal floors to hard floors, carpets, and stairs as well. The blower is 20 feet long and attached to the vacuum and this nozzle can reach any hard or narrow spaces. You can use this to suck any dirt or dust and also to blow huge dirt, and leaves to clean your front or garage. It has an adjustable shoulder strap that makes it easier to carry around.

The suction power is enough to clean any stubborn spot. It has HEPA filtration bags that help keep the dirt and dust in place. It comes with a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and a dusting brush. Using them is easy and helps the cleaning even better than before. These disposable dust bags are best as you won’t have to empty them and clean them to use them again. It is lightweight and you can carry it upstairs with ease. The durability of this product is insane. You can easily store the hose at the bottom of the canister.


Vacuum for high pile carpet Oreck compact canister vacuum
Includes Crevice tool, upholstery tool and dusting brush
Suction Powerful
Weight 4 lbs/ 1.81 kg

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